There are many simple ways to enhance your style and look more awesome than you already are. A few accessories go a long way, and choosing the right ones can be a little complicated.

Think of accessories as your toolkit. The more tools in your kit, the better, but here are just a few to consider adding to make you look instantly better.

Get some specs

A pair a glasses can go a long way, and instantly make you look smarter. There are so many to choose from, and you want to make sure you get a pair that matches your style and face shape.

It’s now more affordable than ever to get a classy pair of glasses or shades, even if you don’t need them to actually see.

Be careful when going to the opticians as they will try and sell you the bells and whistles. Just get your eyes professionally tested somewhere, then jump online to find and try out different styles.

Some glasses companies now let you try on multiple pairs for up to four weeks. This gives you enough time to see what works, and what fits your wardrobe.

There are always offers on for new customers, or promo codes all over the internet. So be smart and save some pennies.

Wear a cap

Some days, you may not have a much time to get your hair styled the way you want. A quick and stylish way to fix this is pop a cap on.

Even if you’re having a bad hair day, just grab a baseball cap that actually suits you and instantly you’ll look better. Combine with a good pair of sunglasses and you’ll be looking amazing.

The added long-term benefit to both sunglasses and a baseball cap, in particular, is protection from the sun. Too much sun, especially if you forget to put sun cream on ages your skin. You may get a healthy brown glow, but the short term benefit doesn’t outweigh the long term.

Hand moisturiser

Throughout the day your skin is going to get dry from washing after going to the gents. And yes, you should be washing your hands thoroughly.

Dry skin can be uncomfortable, especially as we’re using our hands all day. To keep them looking and feeling slick, pop a small hand moisturizer in your bag or pocket and you’ll feel more comfortable than ever.

Try to find a moisturizer that’s neutral, and has little-manufactured chemicals in.

Aftershave or body spray

You always want to smell fresh. One of the quickest and easiest ways to keep topped up throughout the day, or if you’re caught short is a small bottle of spray or aftershave. You can place it in your bag, or car, and always have something on hand.

Just a few sprays can completely change your presence when you walk into a room. So don’t underestimate this one. Smelling good is really easy, so don’t overlook this one.

Carry a bag

This is another really overlooked accessory. Most of us carry some form of a bag to work, which means we’re going to be using a bag for well over 200 days a year if we’re working a full-time position.

So, why do us guys just get one or two bags, and not really pay attention to the overall look when we’re most likely going to be using a bag each and every day.

There are many types to consider, for different scenarios. Keeping it simple is always the best approach, with a neutral color and practical design.

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