5 Cool Gadgets for The Holidays

The best thing you can give yourself or someone else this holiday season is a cool new gadget that takes advantage of cutting edge technology. Whether your gift recipient wants to fly remote-controlled drones or stay fit with a smartwatch, this year’s online shopping offers endless possibilities.


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Previously heralded as the next big thing in tech, drones have been making headlines in every industry from real estate to entertainment. If you’d like to experience a new technology and explore the world around you, purchasing a drone is a great choice. These remote-controlled unmanned aircrafts can easily be paired with a cameras to obtain real-time aerial footage. The Autel Robotics drone is highly-rated, ships with a camera, and sells for $699. From hobbyists and enthusiasts to professionals, this exciting technology is a great gift for anyone who wants to see the world from a birds eye view.

3D Printers


3D printers have made big waves in the world of technology. You can find one in a variety of price ranges, but the CoLiDo DIY Printer sells for an affordable $299.99. If you know someone who’s into 3D modeling, manufacturing or engineering, then this is a perfect gift option. With free 3D-modeling software online, there’s no excuse not to try this new technology and perhaps pick up a marketable skill. Whether printing objects from online blueprints or dreaming up creative inventions, the 3D printer is an innovative gadget anyone will love.


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This is another snazzy gift that will fit any budget. At $164.99, the Fossil Q Leather Smartwatch is a stylish, mid-range smartwatch with cool features its users depend on. Compatible with most smartphones on Android or iOS, smartwatches like these allow the user to monitor phone notifications and stay connected to apps. With heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking capabilities, smartwatches are a fun and practical gift for everyone.

Wireless Keyboards


Wireless keyboards are a great way to navigate the world of smart TV’s. Whether browsing the web or streaming videos, using a wireless keyboard keeps you comfortable while on the couch. With a long battery life and ease-of-use, wireless keyboards are a vital accessory in a home that relies on smart technology. For the gift recipient who has everything, wireless keyboards make for a helpful gadget that can find a place in any home.

Dash Cams

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These days, everyone can do with a little reassurance while driving. Dash cams are a great choice for people who want evidence on their side in the event of accidents on the road. The DBPower Dash Cam comes with rave reviews for added security you can rely on. Any gift recipient will enjoy its reliability, large storage space, and wide angle lens. When it comes to enjoying peace of mind, dash cams are one of the most popular gadgets this season.

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