Over the years you develop your own routine that fits your lifestyle and your look. There are many tricks and mini habits we all have that work for us.

You have to try many different grooming regimes to match your needs, but here we’re highlighting five grooming secrets that you probably didn’t know.

Shave with oil

The average guy uses creams, gels or soap. This is fine for some, but many of us suffer from in-growing hairs, razor bumps, cuts. Usually, this is down to the lower price, and lower quality. Essentially, you’re just using it as a lubricant for your skin so it doesn’t feel to dry.

Using an oil, something like coconut oil or beard oil, allows the blade to glide easily over the skin. Especially when you have a beard already, an oil allows you to actually see what you’re doing, rather than foaming up all over the place. You’ll have smooth soft skin, and a precision beard to match.

Get scrubbing your face

It’s probably not a secret to many of you. However, it’s so important to revive your skin by giving it a good scrub with an exfoliator twice a week.

As a bonus, this helps when you shave. Every time you have a shave, make sure you give your skin a good exfoliation to prepare the skin and give the razor blade a much nicer glide.

Extra tip for scrubbing is if you suffer from spots on your shoulders or back, then give them an extra scrub in the shower with the same facial scrub. After a few weeks, you’ll definitely see a difference.

Treat your skin after shaving

Many guys tend to just shave and leave. After shaving your skin is at its most sensitive. A super sharp blade has been across your face. Or worse, a slightly blunt blade.

Usually, this results in in-grown hairs, razor burns, cuts, redness, and irritation. You may even experience swelling, which is not ideal.

Just add lotion. Give the area you’ve just shaved a really good dose of lotion. It does the exact opposite of the above. The best part is that it feels so much better in an instant.

This is also great to use when you’ve just come out of the barbers. You know that bit at the back of your neck that they usually use a cut-throat razor on? Get that lotioned up as soon as possible. It’ll feel great and reduce any unnecessary redness, swelling and irritation.

Don’t neglect your eyes

This is something I’ve only just started doing, and I wish I had done it years ago. It’s something that so many men don’t do and it’s an amazing grooming secret. Start looking after your eyes as it’s one of the most powerful tools you have to look and feel great.

The area under your eyes and your eyelids is super sensitive and really thin. Make sure you get a special cream that is specifically made for that area.

Using a cream around the eyes reduces swelling, puffiness, and dark eye circles. Especially when you use this over time as it protects, and gives your eyes the nutrients they deserve.

Add texture and volume

Most of us guys have short hair, or at some stage rocked a shorter cut. To get the most out of your look it’s good to add not just a holding wax or cream, it’s an extra bonus to add some sea salt spray. Don’t add too much, as this can dry your hair out.

You can make your very own sea salt spray too. Simply mix a tablespoon of coconut oil (melted), leave-in conditioner, sea salt, and water. Pop into a spray bottle, and spray a little before you start styling your hair.

This simple addition to your hair routine instantly adds more texture and volume. Plus it’s so much cheaper than buying one off the shelf.

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