It’s strange to think that over the years you develop little habits that keep you on a certain path. And most of the time, they’re really small daily habits.

They change the way you look, the way you feel and your overall health.

Want to feel and look better? Sure you do. So here are six healthy habits you can do you be your best and change your life.

Face washing and moisturizing

Wash your face and moisturize twice a day. Simply use a cleanser in the morning, and apply a moisturizer right after, ideally with sun protection.

Repeat in the evening with the cleanser, but this time use a different moisturizer. There’s no tricks or any weird concoctions.

Just add this to your habit list and you’ll have great looking skin. And it only takes five extra minutes of your day.

You can go into detail to see if this actually works too. Take a photo on the first day you start this habit, then 30 days later see your progress. It’s really fun and rewarding in the end.

Cook more and eat out less

Life gets a little crazy sometimes. No matter what you do or the life you’re leading. Which makes many of us eat out. It’s just easier.

The problem lies in the transparency of what you’re actually eating. You never really see what does into the foods, or how they’re cooked.

By cooking your own meals, it leaves everything up to you. You know exactly what is going into your body. You’ll learn what makes you tick, and what makes you uncomfortable. Your muscles, brain, and skin with thank you for it.

Build a nice looking bank

There’s one simple trick you can do to make you feel, a little bit richer. And feel a little more comfortable in your daily life.

Simply take a small amount of money and stash it away somewhere. Say you normally grab a morning Starbucks each day that costs a few euros. This time, make a nice coffee of your own before you leave for work, and place the cash you would have spent into a jar.

By the end of the month, you’ll rack up well over €100 that you could spend on something you’ve always wanted, or treat a loved one. Keep going and you may have over €1,000 to spend on a break away somewhere.

If you can afford it, try adding more to your daily stash and watch the money rise. You won’t even miss it most of the time.

The two min task killer

We’re all becoming the best procrastinators of all time. And getting things done can seem like a massive struggle. If you run a business, you’re studying, or you’re trying to hit a target at work you need to get things done.

One easy way to do this, or get into the rhythm of doing this is by implementing a two min task killer that originates from a book called Getting Things Done.

This effective habit states that if there’s any task that can be done in under two mins, just do it, even if it’s low priority. This makes your brain very happy and gives you a positive reward and association that you’re accomplishing something.

It’s way more efficient than having to track and remember what the task was. It’ll help you set your own deadlines, and be way more productive.

Journal your food before you sleep

Even if your goals aren’t to lose weight or get a six-pack, it’s a really good habit to write down what you have eaten in the day. Or use an app like MyFitnessPal.

By keeping a log of your foods you can either make sure you’re hitting your targets, or use it as a reference if you start to feel bad the next day. Better still, if you feel amazing after trying new foods or eating times then you’ll know if this could be due to your nutrition.

You will be very surprised at how you may think you’ve eaten enough, or too much throughout the day.

Turn off your screens before bed

This one I’m terrible at, but it’s really a good habit to get into. Make sure before you hit the lights, you have at least 30 mins away from your screens.

Studies have shown that blue lights that come from your devices can mess with the production of melatonin in your body. This is the same chemical that’s key for you to fall asleep. And a healthy sleeping schedule is really important for your overall health.

As you’re winding down from the day, just take a moment to turn off all screens you normally interact with. This will get you on the right track to get a solid sleep routine going.

Apple has a night mode that’s really handy to get into the routine of using, and a program called flux is really handy to have on your laptop.

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