Anna Friel stayed in stress-busting teepee

Rhys Ifans organised for him and his girlfriend Anna Friel to stay in a teepee for four days to help her relax.

The actress was left exhausted and emotionally drained after she filmed her final scene for British TV thriller ‘Without You’ so her beau whisked her and her six-year-old daughter Gracie away to Wales to live in a traditional Native American tent so she could forget her troubles.

She told the Daily Mail newspaper: “He greeted me with the words, ‘I know this has been a hard job for you so let’s go and do something that’s fun’, and before I knew it, Rhys, my daughter Gracie and I were off the beaten track in Wales. The tepee was our home for four days. We built fires, traipsed around the wilderness and just got away from it all.”

Anna is loving life with Rhys but admits it’s not always easy because she has to juggle so many things in her life, including maintaining a good relationship with Gracie’s father, ‘Harry Potter’ star David Thewlis.

She said: “It’s difficult to juggle everything when you are in a situation like mine. You can’t just do what you want, when you want, you have to take people into consideration. You don’t want to be apart from your daughter. It’s difficult.”

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