Realizing that the majority of people still to this day have no idea what Vitalic Noise does, they couldn’t think of any other way to properly showcase the artists that they are working with than to set up a DJ rig and pushed record on a short tracklist of both artists signed to Vitalic Noise and a few other acts that they hold close to our heart. Did it work? I guess that part is up to you – love it or hate it, they would be ever so thankful if you were to share it with your friends.

Currently they represent, as either management or booking agents:

  • Fare Soldi
  • Justin Faust
  • Edwin Van Cleef
  • Cadillac
  • Moonlight Matters
  • Zimmer
  • Viceroy
  • Geisha Twins
  • FM Attack

Be on the lookout (and listen to the mix for clues) for more artists that will be joining the Vitalic Noise family before the end of his momentous year of 2011.


Vitalic Noise’ Artist Relations division offers a wide range of packages including full service artist management, a complete booking service, and a one-stop public relations center. With a combined 10+ years worth of experience in the music industry, Vitalic Noise has seen the world through the eyes of many, including life as a touring musician, booking agency owner, road manager, production manager, a leading representative for A&R/Marketing in the EMI label system. Now, as a leading counterpart in the world that is the electronic music scene, Vitalic Noise want’s to help you take your career to the next level.

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