We love music. It’s everything. It helps us wake up in the morning, it motivates, inspires and creates. Music has the ability to change moods, perceptions and bring people together like nothing else in the world. So you need to be able to listen to music in the most convenient way, no matter what you’re doing.

Headphones are one of our favourite, most convenient ways to listen to music here at Digital Warble. There’s an extra connection with the soundscapes when you’re listening through a good set of headphones, and when we’ve got our favourite playlist cracking, there’s no stopping us.

While scraping around the web for new music technology, we found the ASOME Bluetooth Earphone, which allows you to connect your music wirelessly. Now you might be thinking, what’s so special about these?

ASOME Bluetooth Earphone

Well, the ASOME Bluetooth Earphone is simple, stylish and offers well-equipped listening technology. On top of that, you can use any headset, or anything with a jack input. Simply plug your headphones or speakers into the tiny little box, and you’ll be listening to music in no time, wirelessly.

For those of you using expensive, oversized phones as music players, this provides so many benefits during your workouts, skate sessions, walking round the house, or whatever you’re up to. As you can just place your phone in your bag, on the floor, or wherever you need to place it so it’s out the way, and won’t be damaged.

ASOME Bluetooth Earphone

Impressively, the stylish small frame of the ASOME Bluetooth Earphone contains a 210mAh battery which apparently boasts up to 10 hours of music streaming. It also contains something called ‘qualcomm AptX codec’, that basically offers high resolutions audio over Bluetooth, which is good news for those of you paying attention to the production of the tracks.

You can pimp this out with fashion accessories such as straps and clips to complete the simple, sleek look. The ASOME Bluetooth Earphone starts at $59.

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