Atari Teenage Riot Releases Single "Blood In My Eyes" x Free MP3 And More!

Atari Teenage Riot Announce New Single ‘Blood In My Eyes’
(March 22nd on iTunes, April 19th release on all DSPs, Dim Mak )
Single Includes Remix of Last Year’s “Activate!”
“It’s rare in a world now ruled by Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber to hear music that is so angry with itself and with everything else around it. But ATR’s overwhelming energy is difficult to deny, and difficult not to admire — preferably from a safe distance.” 
– SPIN Magazine
Atari Teenage Riot are a reminder of how pop can scare the bejesus out of the thick and the bigoted when it’s done fast, smart and furious as fuck.
Atari Teenage Riot release their new single, “Blood In My Eyes”, through Digital
Hardcore Recordings as a teaser for the band’s forthcoming album, Is This Hyperreal?,
set to be released Summer, 2011.
“Blood In My Eyes” features Nic Endo on lead vocal. She speaks out for the multitude
of women who have become the victims of human trafficking, their sexuality exploited
for financial gain right under the gaze of the ineffectual governments of the self-
proclaimed civilised west. Nic, wholly in tune with her trademark Japanese face-paint
depicting “Resistance,” makes her point in the inimitable Atari way.
Human trafficking is an issue most musicians would rather leave untouched. In popular
music it’s considered cool to present yourself with the accoutrements of modern life
like expensive cars, bling, champagne etc. Basically everything that makes people feel
envy and adulation towards the artists who try to portray an image of being ‘successful’,
while the music industry is close to collapse – but that’s another song on to be
addressed on ATR’s new album.
“Blood In My Eyes” is a riveting electronic punk rock diatribe, paying homage to the
feminine retributive subtexts espoused by cult films like ‘Kill Bill’ and heavily censored
French art-house offering, ‘Baise-Moi.’
Nic expounds a cautionary tale, alerting us that all who stand by and do nothing share
the guilt.
With its straight-forward throbbing 909 drum machine patterns, massive guitar riffs,
ear-splitting adrenaline rushes of noise and powerful female vocals, ‘Blood In My Eyes’
charges down an unswerving path determined to confront the future head on.
“Blood In My Eyes” is the second ATR single from Is This Hyperreal?, which is due this
summer on Dim Mak. ATR’s relationship with Dim Mak begin with a simple email from
Alec Empire to the label-head Steve Aoki, and the rest is history between the band known for
undeniable energy, and the label known for the same