Audiobulb wish everyone a Happy New Year

One of my favourite electronic music labels deserves a shout out on my blog. Here is their newsletter, you must check out some of their artists. Especially Ultre.

Its 2010!

Firstly a warmly delivered HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!

2010 is looking to be a very interesting year for Audiobulb. We start the year with the release of the beautiful Milinal album – Honey Meridian. It is a sublime piece of work by Val who is a Russian sailor by trade and we hope you will support the artist by checking it out.

Honey Meridian Release Page

MP3 Previews below:
Inside Sea Shells
Swallows Fly Low
Audiobulb News

2010 will also see Audiobulb heading (as always) in new exploratory directions. With new music emerging from the abstract pop of :Papercutz to the exploratory indie of The Hole Punch Generation.

I’d like to thank you as always for your support – it means so much to us that listeners support the music rather than downloading the inferior pirate material. It is worth noting that those sites have their own mission of greed drawing in vast revenues from advertising and product placement on the backs of the hard work of in dependant artists and labels like our own.
Special Offer – Free Intricate Maximals CD

As a special offer to our supporters we will be giving away a free copy of the acclaimed compilation Intricate Maximals. To read more about this great CD please visit the release page..

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