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Acer Launch The Spin 7 Convertible Notebook


The new Spin 7 convertible laptop by Acer sits at the top of the portability game with a sleek, lightweight and flexible design. It provides an ultraportable, flexible computing experience.

Running on Windows 10, with 360-degree hinges, as well as Continuum, the Spin 7 can rock out as a notebook or tablet, in a space-saving display mode, or in tent mode for sharing presentations or watching movies.

Some models provide three times faster downloads through innovative wireless technology.

Acer BluelightShield minimizes eye strain, Acer Colour Intelligence maximizes colour saturation for bright and clear visuals, and Acer TrueHarmony pumps out crisp and clear audio.

Acer Launch The Spin 7 Convertible Notebook |

It’s thinner than a DVD case, and weighs in at a tiny 1.2 kilograms (2.6 pounds), giving it an extra level of portability than many laptops can’t offer.

The 13-inch all-aluminum uni-body houses a 14-inch Full HD IPS Corning Gorilla Glass touchscreen display with a narrow bezel.

Sleek and contemporary, its matte black chassis is complemented with polished silver hinges and diamond-cut edges around the touchpad.

You can expect up to 8 hours of battery life and the speed of the 7th Generation Intel® Core i7 processor, up to 8GB of memory and a speedy 256GB SSD.

Acer Launch The Spin 7 Convertible Notebook |

Dual USB 3.1 Type-C ports are included for quick data transfers, connection to an external display, and to charge the notebook.

A wide glass touchpad helps fingers glide smoothly across the surface with minimal friction.

The Acer Spin 7 is available now, with prices starting at €1,299.

Check out the Acer in action below:

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Google Timelapse Reveals How The Earth Is Changing

Culture, Technology

Worried about global warming? Not even sure if it’s a real thing? One thing we can be sure of is how much earth has changed over the last 30 or so years, and Google is here to show you just how much.

In a short amount of time this generation has seen a technological growth spurt that’s now at a point where we can literally do everything from a tiny screen.

Google Earth has given us the ability to look at pretty much every area of the world, at the touch of a button. It’s something you can spend hours doing already, but they’ve now enhanced our awareness of how much the earth has changed visually with the launch of Google Timelapse.

You can now see how things have changed in the last 32 years by searching, zooming and panning videos from over five million satellite images that were taken from five satellites between 1984 and 2016. Be careful though, it’ll blow your mind.

Conor McGregor stripped of Featherweight title


As expected, Conor McGregor has been stripped of his UFC featherweight championship. The decision was made by the UFC due to a new main event at UFC 206.

The change-up is due to the injury sustained by Daniel Cormier, which means that the Max Holloway vs. Anthony Pettis fight is now the headliner for the interim featherweight title.

Conor McGregor remains the lightweight champion, and now Jose Aldo will become the new 145-pound champion.

It’s no surprise that this has happened really, as McGregor hasn’t defended the featherweight title since he won it at UFC 194 just under a year ago.

Sadly this means Conor can’t continue to hold both belts on each shoulder anymore.

Watch Saint Laurent’s Latest NSFW Campaign Video

Fashion, Video

Saint Laurent has become one of the most popular fashion labels of late, with an overwhelming revenue boost in the last three years alone.

Anthony Vaccarello took the brand in a different direction with a sexier, sleeker drastic approach in Saint Laurent’s SS17 collection.

The new director has continued the glam-sex vibe with the latest campaign by releasing a raunchy video titled #YSL04 — Evening Part 1.

The clip has features various models in a club with girls kissing and showcasing a grungy, gritty-glam look and feel. You can watch it in the player above.

ASOME Bluetooth Earphone


We love music. It’s everything. It helps us wake up in the morning, it motivates, inspires and creates. Music has the ability to change moods, perceptions and bring people together like nothing else in the world. So you need to be able to listen to music in the most convenient way, no matter what you’re doing.

Headphones are one of our favourite, most convenient ways to listen to music here at Digital Warble. There’s an extra connection with the soundscapes when you’re listening through a good set of headphones, and when we’ve got our favourite playlist cracking, there’s no stopping us.

While scraping around the web for new music technology, we found the ASOME Bluetooth Earphone, which allows you to connect your music wirelessly. Now you might be thinking, what’s so special about these?

ASOME Bluetooth Earphone

Well, the ASOME Bluetooth Earphone is simple, stylish and offers well-equipped listening technology. On top of that, you can use any headset, or anything with a jack input. Simply plug your headphones or speakers into the tiny little box, and you’ll be listening to music in no time, wirelessly.

For those of you using expensive, oversized phones as music players, this provides so many benefits during your workouts, skate sessions, walking round the house, or whatever you’re up to. As you can just place your phone in your bag, on the floor, or wherever you need to place it so it’s out the way, and won’t be damaged.

ASOME Bluetooth Earphone

Impressively, the stylish small frame of the ASOME Bluetooth Earphone contains a 210mAh battery which apparently boasts up to 10 hours of music streaming. It also contains something called ‘qualcomm AptX codec’, that basically offers high resolutions audio over Bluetooth, which is good news for those of you paying attention to the production of the tracks.

You can pimp this out with fashion accessories such as straps and clips to complete the simple, sleek look.

Check out more info in their video below:

The ASOME Bluetooth Earphone starts at $59, and you get your hands on one here.

Georg Jensen’s role models


In a world where you’re celebrated for being beautiful, more than someone working 16 hour shifts in a children’s hospital, it’s hard to find a role model you truly believe in.

We spend hours scrolling social media feeds of beautiful, successful people travelling the world, posting inspirational pictures of scenes that seem real.

This is enough inspiration enough for some, but not for Georg Jensen.

Georg Jensen’s brand comfortably sits at the cutting edge of design, and are renowned for artistic boldness, superior craftsmanship and visionary collaborations with leading artists and designers.

Their latest video campaign alongside creative agency Forsman & Bodenfors inspires more than any filtered Instagram photo ever will, swapping models, with role models.

George Jenson's role models

This is a true testament to the people we should really be paying attention to, featuring award-winning film director Susanne Bier, world champion welterweight boxer Cecilia Brækhus, award winning comedian Sarah Kendall (Australia), professional motocross rider Behnaz Shafiei and the world’s best chef Dominique Crenn, who have defied conventions and risen to the top of their industries.

Be yourself, make your own success and take inspiration from the people that are really making a difference in the world.

Watch the inspirational, beautifully shot video in the player below, and tell us who your role model is using the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Find out more information about Georg Jenson and the five influential and inspirational people featured in the film by clicking the video after it has played.

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Kia Niro Hybrid Utility Vehicle


Kia announced its plans to introduce an all-new low emissions vehicle to its growing model line-up. The Niro – labelled a Hybrid Utility Vehicle (HUV) – represents a new concept from the Korean car brand, and marks the development of Kia’s first dedicated eco-car platform.

Niro will maintain all the practicality and appeal of a compact SUV, while offering greater fuel economy. Engineered from the ground up as a dedicated hybrid vehicle, its attractive, modern styling will help the car stand out in a traditionally conservative sector.

The Niro’s all-new platform has been engineered in isolation from existing Kia models, and is designed to accommodate a specific set of environmentally-conscious technologies and next-generation powertrains.

Hyoung-Keun Lee, Vice Chairman & CEO, Kia Motors Corporation, commented, “Our new model is designed to offer buyers everything they could want from a compact SUV in terms of practicality and styling, while providing the typically low running costs associated with a dedicated hybrid powertrain. By encouraging our engineers to take a ‘blank canvas’ approach, we have tried to develop a car that will appeal to a broader range of consumers.”

Lee added, “The compact SUV market remains one of the fastest-growing segments around the world, and by offering a handsome styling, modern appearance, high practicality and extraordinary fuel economy, Kia’s new Niro Hybrid Utility Vehicle will be the most appealing and desirable car in its class.”

A new addition to Kia’s design-led product range, the Kia Niro will boast a brand new design, with a sporty, aerodynamic body, subtly sculptured surfaces and styling details finishing off the car’s modern new look. While the Niro is an all-new model, with no direct predecessors, it is still immediately recognisable as a Kia, carrying forward the company’s signature ‘tiger-nose’ grille and a series of other design cues from the latest Kia products. The styling of the new Niro development project has been led by Kia’s design centres in California, USA and Namyang, Korea.

Sporting a compact SUV shape, the car’s designers highlight the most modern architectural designs and contemporary sculptural art as key inspirations behind the new HUV’s body. The vehicle boasts smooth, sleek proportions, while its relatively wide stance portrays stability and a low center of gravity. The long wheelbase minimises the size of the front and rear overhangs, while ensuring occupants enjoy the maximum possible interior space.

The main focus of the engineering teams’ efforts behind the development of the new model is to deliver class-leading fuel economy in the compact SUV segment. The Kia Niro will combine a stylish SUV design with greater fuel economy than its rivals, with a target CO2 emissions rating of under 90 g/km (combined, based on the New European Driving Cycle).

Throughout the Niro’s development process, it has been conceived as a dedicated hybrid model. The car will achieve its ultra-low emissions levels and impressive fuel economy with a downsized hybrid powertrain, pairing Kia’s 1.6-litre ‘Kappa’ petrol direct injection (GDI) engine (105 ps power output and 147 Nm of torque) with a 1.56 kWh lithium-polymer battery pack and 32 kW electric motor. The powertrain’s combined power output and torque will be applied to the road through a highly-efficient six-speed double-clutch transmission.

The platform underpinning the Niro has been engineered specifically to accommodate this next-generation petrol-electric hybrid powertrain. A plug-in hybrid powertrain is due to be added to the car’s line-up later in its life-cycle.

Based upon a bespoke new platform, the Kia Niro’s body is made of more than 50% ultra-high strength steel, contributing to the class-leading fuel economy and high safety ratings that development teams are targeting. Part of a wider effort by Kia, the extended use of ultra-high strength steel will help Kia reach its target of a 5% reduction in the average weight of new car bodies by 2020 compared to 2014 levels.

With a strong, lightweight body, the Niro will build on Kia’s reputation for producing cars with a strong crash safety performance. The company’s engineering teams are targeting the highest possible marks from independent safety test organisations around the world, aided by a host of the latest passive, active and pre-collision safety features Kia has to offer.

The high-strength platform will not only result in a high safety rating, but also help minimise noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), a key focus throughout the Niro’s conception. The strong body also enables Kia’s chassis and dynamics experts to give the car a smooth, refined ride and engaging handling characteristics.

The development of an all-new platform and bespoke powertrain for the Niro will contribute to the brand’s ambition to becoming a leader in the low emissions car market by 2020. In the next five years, Kia will expand its current green car line-up from the four current models to 11, and is targeting a 25% improvement to average corporate fuel efficiency over 2014 levels.

This expanded range of low-emissions vehicles will encompass a wide range of advanced powertrains, from hybrids and plug-in hybrids to battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. The Niro will be among the first of Kia’s new models to be designed, engineered and produced as part of this plan.

As well as investment in advanced propulsion technologies, by 2020 Kia will also replace seven out of its 10 current engine ranges with next-generation petrol and diesel units, while increasing the number of turbocharged engines. Higher-efficiency, multi-speed transmissions are also planned, while Kia engineers are targeting a 5% reduction in in the average weight of new car bodies through greater application of ultra-high strength steel.

The Kia Niro hybrid is on sale now from £21,295.

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Samsung’s inspirational Olympic anthem


The Rio 2016 Olympic Games is finally here, and to celebrate, Samsung have released an inspirational video advertisement titled ‘The Anthem.’

As a continuation of Samsung’s global Olympic Games campaign, the TV and digital spot strives to break down barriers of geographicical borders and to unite the world by combining segments of national anthems from several countries to form one anthem brought to life by athletes and fans around the world.

‘The Anthem’ opens with a young girl from Australia singing a line of the Botswana national anthem into a Samsung Galaxy S7edge.

Throughout the ad, the Samsung Galaxy smartphone travels to all corners of the world, capturing and sharing the voices of fans and athletes around the globe as they sing lines from other national anthems.

Each line follows seamlessly to form a brand new anthem, giving viewers a glimpse of how Samsung innovative mobile products and technologies can help to break down geographic barriers and unite the world through deep, borderless connections.

Six global athletes are featured within the ad, each of whom has a unique story of defying barriers and pushing through constraints to make meaningful progress and achieve his or her goals.

These athletes will also be featured in a variety of digital and social content, leading up to and throughout Rio 2016 which will tell their stories of defying barriers and overcoming obstacles, helping fans across the globe connect with what it means to “Do What You Can’t.”

‘The Anthem’ is a continuation of Samsung’s Rio 2016 Olympic Games global campaign centered on athletes who persevere and never giving up for the sake of making meaningful progress.

Earlier this year, Samsung began the campaign with the short documentary film, ‘A Fighting Chance’ to showcase the inspiring story of four Olympic hopefuls from diverse countries who are fighting constraints and pushing the limits to help their countries make history.

Samsung followed with ‘The Chant,’ which celebrates personal progress made by athletes and fans through devices like the Galaxy S7 edge and Gear IconX that help them to defy distance and stay connected.

Get inspired and watch Samsung’s ‘The Anthem’ in the player below:

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California’s giant metal desert sculptures

Culture, Travel

Something more than desert wildflowers and the spectacular Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is attracting visitors to the Borrego Valley in Southern California.

People are coming from around the United States and internationally to see the amazing 130 full-sized metal sculptures here that are inspired by creatures that roamed this same desert millions of years ago.

The artworks range from prehistoric mammals to historical characters, fanciful dinosaurs, and a 350-foot-long fanciful serpent.

As you drive through the roads that weave through the area you’ll see sculptures of wild horses in a nearby field, sabertooth tigers in pursuit, and desert tortoises that seem as if they’re crawling through the brush.

The artist, Ricardo Breceda, brings life to his sculptures by capturing each creature in motion. They are so still, yet all you see is movement.

The late Dennis Avery, land owner of Galleta Meadows Estates in Borrego Springs envisioned the idea of adding ‘free standing art’ to his property with original steel welded sculptures created by ‘Perris Jurassic Park’ owner/artist/welder Ricardo Breceda based in Perris, California.

There are over 130 metal sculptures located in Borrego Springs.

Watch the artist create giant metal sculptures in California desert in the player below:

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Sponsored: The Great wall of Koskenkorva


Life shouldn’t be complicated. There’s too much confusion and distractions around in our day-to-day life to really keeps things simple. Somehow, Finnish company Koskenkorva have found a way.

They use nature’s best ingredients consisting of good barley, pure water and dedicated local farmers to create a smooth, honest vodka.

The irony of this promotion is that the Finnish laws prohibit the advertising of vodka, which means Finnish people aren’t even allowed to visit their website.

This makes Koskenkorva village – the home of this product and a inhibiting over 2,000 people – a ‘village that can’t be named’, and adds an extra charm to it’s branding.

There’s been some bizarre situations where people from the village who share the same last name have been forbidden from opening any business.

In some cases people from the village who share the same last name have been banned from opening any business, and changes the way they talk about their own homes.

Not only has the village been essentially ‘forgotten’, in reality it has also almost become ‘persona non grata’ in Finland – a village that is invited to a party but told to wait permanently outside, even though its product is both famous and loved by the people of Finland.

But now it is the time for all that to change and for the barley farmers of Koskenkorva to finally get the recognition they deserve.

With a new “brand” film, and a mobile app called Vodka Farmer, where players get a virtual plot of Koskenkorva farmland to grow virtual barley, the real farmers of Koskenkorva are looking to make their invisible profiles visible and to break free from their shackled silence.

To do so, they are building a wall, The Great wall of Koskenkorva, where all the names of people who have downloaded the Vodka Farmer app will be immortalised.

Around 7,000 names will fit on the first section of the wall and when that part is full, the wall will be extended northwards.

But they will not run out of space anytime soon – the barley fields in Koskenkorva village stretch to the horizon and far beyond.

You can watch the wall being built in the player below:

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