Autonomous Music Releases 18 Track Free Compilation

Autonomous Music brings you an 18 track free compilation, Array Vol. 1: a collection from Autonomous Music, which releases on September 6, 2011. Autonomous Music is dedicated to providing high quality, high impact music in the recorded format, as well as in live venues across North America. Utilizing music as a tool, we work to facilitate creative experiences that are empowering, informative, and revolutionary in a time of global need. Our artists range from musicians, poets, activists, and performers who deliver their craft with a passion aligned with our own. Our most recent offering, Array Vol. 1: a collection from Autonomous Music, is a new 18 track compilation featuring various artists from our client roster. The compilation is loaded with fresh beats, current ideas, and massive instrumentals, all provided without cost via our 100% free label. Download it Tuesday Sept 6th from the Autonomous Music download store:

Array Vol 1: a collection from Autonomous Music by various


1. Empty Space Orchestra – Clouds
2. Natasha Kmeto – Swells Bells
3. Marley Carroll – Comforts Curse
4. Emancipator – Maps
5. Etheric Double Soundsystem – Hold Your Spear Close (ft. Matador)
6. Quantic – Dog With a Rope
7. Octopus Nebula – Asoyo
8. Resident Anti-Hero – Monster
9. The Great Mundane – Hello Cute Face
10. Filastine – Hungry Ghosts
11. Ill-Esha – Cherry Blossoms
12. Phutureprimtive – High Rez
13. Dr. Israel – Sinsemellia (Brooklyn Version)
14. Ott – Squirrel and Biscuits
15. KiloWatts – Kyanite
16. The Malah – Sweet Spring
17. Papadosio – All I Knew
18. The Polish Ambassador – Cougar