German DJ & Producer AXEL BARTSCH will release his second solo Album -Experiment Musik- on his Berlin-based label Sportclub on OCTOBER 18, 2011.

EXPERIMENT MUSIK – call it a tribute to that universal awe we experience when we fall in love with music! Bitten by the techno bug relatively early, Axel Bartsch had already spent the better part of his youth listening to the sounds of Soft Cell, Parliament Funkadelic and Depeche Mode when he started organizing some of the biggest raves in northern Germany in the mid 90s, introducing the sounds of Dave Clarke, Hell and Monika Kruse to thousands in eccentric venues like abandoned theatres and horse-racing tracks. After setting up his first record label with good friend Asem Shama, they formed the techno duo Vanguard and their releases on Frisbee Tracks, Harthouse and Spielzeug Schallplatten are considered monuments in European techno. Having experienced huge success with Vanguard, reaching the top of the single charts in Germany and the UK (thanks to a wildly successful bootleg signed to Virgin Records) and innumerable live performances everywhere from Wire Festival Japan to Mayday in Germany, Sao Paolo Fashion Week to VIVA Music Television, Axel Bartsch went solo in 2005 after finishing his law studies. From his stunning Kompakt catalogue, his first solo album ‘Kiss’ on Karmarouge Records in 2008 or newer releases on Sportclub, Suol, Ostwind and Get Physical, it’s always melody which gives Axel’s music a special warmth and distances his tracks from the usual DJ tools. After 20 years of DJ gigs and live performances and over 60 releases under his belt, fans and critic will be delighted to know that Axel Bartsch is in higher form than ever on his new album ‘Experiment Musik’!

In times of seemingly unlimited possibilities, new production techniques and countless samples and loops, it’s a matter of Axel’s concern to take a step back and to limit himself; away from the stereotype clean computer production sound, and to try to conceive the music as an attempt… as an EXPERIMENT. Axel abstains from omnipresent bongo loops, native singing and white noise attacks and returns to the classic simplicity of drum machine and melody. Emotion! – the theme that runs through Axel’s work like a single common thread. That’s why ‘Experiment Musik’ is not merely a stringing together of dance tracks squeezed into the album format, but a real story, dexterously presenting many facets of EDM together with Axel’s studio experiments, presenting grooves that are easily suited for both home-listening and clubland. The album kicks off with a title track of the same name, a classic analogue hookline gets coupled with an experimental harp performance framed by a 4/4 beat at 105 bpm. Next, truly one of the highlights of the album is "Prophetic Dreams", rich and swelling deep house number that sounds as if Move D had something to do with it! Axel’s wife Lauren contributes the vocals on "Sparkling Energy", an ode to the power of music and love, characterized by a Nord synth and cosmic whooshes of icy sound. "Morgengebet" brings to mind the image of robed monks in tantric prayer before the sunrise. On "Keep That Feeling" Axel borrows Thomas Schumacher’s voice and loops it into a spirited dancefloor mantra. "Mental Trainer" will please all fans of purist techno without a doubt, and can easily be imagined pouring out of Berghain’s speakers. Slightly more playful are "The Bells Of Jericho" and "The 13th Sign", where glockenspiel bells and eccentric harps dictate the wandering flow through the tracks in a tipsy way.

The first album single "Wir Tanzen" will be released on September 20th including outstanding remixes by Dutch Producer David Labeij and North German duo Schäufler & Zovsky. The second single "Prophetic Dreams" will follow up the album release in November with remixers Axel Bowman and AKA AKA on board. On ‘Experiment Musik’, Axel sticks to his path and disregards the release insanity of the MP3 portals whom he is subject to every week in his search for good music as a DJ. In a refreshing way Axel has created his own freedom, which he is always ready to share in his DJ sets, and now to the whole world on his refreshing new longplayer!

01 Experiment Musik
02 Prophetic Dreams
03 The Bells Of Jericho
04 Morgengebet
05 Sparkling Energy
06 Keep That Feeling
07 Femme Fatale
08 Assistance From Beyond
09 The 13th Sign
10 Wir Tanzen
11 Mental Trainer
12 Yeahwoodya (digital only bonus)