This blog is turning into a right variety of things. From art, to random comments, to different adventures. Today I started training, HARD. I’m testing a supplement to see if I can gain any size and definition. This was on offer at Holland & Barret and thought it was an opportunity to get slamming the weights. This is the only supplement I am going to take, and just increase my protein intake within my main diet. So here goes …

Week 1 – 10 1/2 stone – 36″ Chest

Ideally I want to shape up my shoulders and create a bigger chest size whilst still keeping definition around my weist. This is going to be purely using weights and my own body strength, hopefully training 4-5 days per week. Luckily my genetics are pretty good in the sense that I can eat pretty much anything without putting on weight, so this is a true test of what the body can do and if these supplements actually work.

The caps themselves are a little strange to take as they feel like their are stuck in your throat, but there is no flavour and you only need to take 3 before training, then three after. I just got back from my first session using them and already noticed a jump in my strength and duration.

Thats week one over and the first day of using the product. Any questions feel free to email me.