Belfast's Lafaro confirm November UK tour with Hold Your Horse Is.

Polar opposite to the delicate poise of the influential jazz bassist Scott LaFaro from which this Belfast quartet takes their name, LaFaro are a wrecking ball of a band. Their rhythmic post-hardcore is designed to pulverize dance floors and leave no bottle of beer undrunk – this is music distilled to its fundamental elements – ‘We hark back to time when rock music was still fun’ states lead rabble-rouser Johnny Black ominously.

Recalling The Jesus Lizard, Shellac, Helmet (with whom the band have toured Europe) and NI heroes Therapy? LaFaro have character, chops and emotion oozing through every seedy riff ‘I love to write about life’s dark little secrets – the things we all know happen but never get discussed’.

Hold Your Horse Is are about to give birth to their new album via Big Scary Monsters. They are a band consisting of 3 chaps from Frimley and Fleet (please repeat!). The usual story, pilfering members from local bands to form a better band! Taking influence from awesome bands such as Riddle Of Steel, Reuben, Refused… rAt The Drive In?! (mainly bands starting with ‘R’), HYHI is about fun, being loud and playing fast, and sometimes being Super….Duper Serial.

Full Lafaro/Hold Your Horse Is UK tour dates below:

Friday 4th November Preston, Mad Ferret
Saturday 5th November Hartlepool, The Clarendon
Sunday 6th November Edinburgh, Bannerman
Monday 7th November Glasgow, Captains Rest
Wednesday 9th November Nottingham, The Maze
Thursday 10th November London, The Old Blue Last
Saturday 12th November Leicester, The Firebug

Current Lafaro dates:

Monday 3rd October – Boileroom, Guilford

Tuesday 4th October – Portland Arms, Cambridge
Wednesday 5th October – Garage, London
Thursday 6th October – Joiners, Sounthampton
Friday 7th October – Forum, Tunbridge Wells
Saturday 8th October – Buffalo, Cardiff
Sunday 9th October – The Croft, Bristol
Monday 10th October – Stereo, York
Tuesday 11th October – The Rainbow, Birmingham