Boy George's imprisoned victim feared for his life

The man chained to a radiator by Boy George “thought he would kill” him.

‘Do You Really Want to Hurt Me’ hitmaker George was convicted in December 2008 of falsely imprisoning Norwegian Audun Carlsen after he chained him up at his home in London during a naked photo shoot in April 2007.

Carlsen – who was paid as a model and denies he was working as an escort at the time – feared for his life after the pop star, real name George O’Dowd, brought in another man, who has never been identified, and the pair began to attack him.

He told The Times newspaper: “George asked me to come into the bedroom. He and another guy are standing there and suddenly they are both jumping and beating on me and kicking on my back, my face, dragging me along the floor … tying me up … handcuffing me … screaming abuse.

“I’ve never seen a person so full of hate. I thought he would kill me.”

Before he eventually managed to pull himself from the wall and escape the house in nothing but his underwear, Carlsen said George confronted him with a knife and a selection of sex toys, which he felt sure would be used to injure him.

Telling how George had appeared with a tool box, he added: “It had a knife in it. And leather straps and some other metallic things, and sex toys.

“When I saw what was in the box I managed to drag the hook out of the wall. I still can’t imagine how I got it off but I just realised, if I don’t get loose now I’m going to get seriously hurt.

“He took a metal chain and [started] hitting me with it. At the door I struggled to get at the locks – he just continued hitting me with the chain.”

George was found guilty only of false imprisonment in the subsequent trial, and served four months of a 15-month sentence. While Carlsen was relieved and pleased with the result of the case, he feels the ‘Karma Chameleon’ star is a “coward”.

He said: “I pity him. I just think, coward … pathetic … only people who are really unhappy with themselves can do something like that.”

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