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You Can Now Disable Comments On Instagram

The social media platform that hasn’t been spammed to death just yet decided it would be a good idea to have the ability to disable comments from your posts.

There’s also a variety of new tools and controls to make sure users are safer when posting on the platform.

This is a great feature for anyone receiving any abuse, as prior to the release of this feature you could only filter unwanted comments based on keywords.

To turn off comments on posts, simply go to your “Advanced Settings” just before you post and “Turn Off Commenting”. This can be changed back to allow comments at any point.

If you’re rocking a private account, you now have the ability to remove followers by going to your list of followers and tapping the “…” menu next to any person’s name. Don’t worry though, they won’t be notified.

As an extra care-tactic, Instagram have also added the ability to report any harmful activities, if you feel someone is at risk of hurting themselves.