Sponsored: Georg Jensen’s role models

In a world where you’re celebrated for being beautiful, more than someone working 16 hour shifts in a children’s hospital, it’s hard to find a role model you truly believe in.

We spend hours scrolling social media feeds of beautiful, successful people travelling the world, posting inspirational pictures of scenes that seem real.

This is enough inspiration enough for some, but not for Georg Jensen.

Georg Jensen’s brand comfortably sits at the cutting edge of design, and are renowned for artistic boldness, superior craftsmanship and visionary collaborations with leading artists and designers.

Their latest video campaign alongside creative agency Forsman & Bodenfors inspires more than any filtered Instagram photo ever will, swapping models, with role models.

George Jenson's role models

This is a true testament to the people we should really be paying attention to, featuring award-winning film director Susanne Bier, world champion welterweight boxer Cecilia Brækhus, award winning comedian Sarah Kendall (Australia), professional motocross rider Behnaz Shafiei and the world’s best chef Dominique Crenn, who have defied conventions and risen to the top of their industries.

Be yourself, make your own success and take inspiration from the people that are really making a difference in the world.

Watch the inspirational, beautifully shot video in the player below, and tell us who your role model is using the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Find out more information about Georg Jenson and the five influential and inspirational people featured in the film by clicking the video after it has played.

This post is sponsored by Georg Jensen, however the opinions are of the author.

On The Rise: Jean & Tonic

Good denim, at a decent price is really hard to find. Jean & Tonic are on the right path by being the first denim brand that offers custom-made, premium jeans, at an affordable price.

Many of us will know that it’s so hard to find decent denim that fits well, looks awesome, and doesn’t cost a fortune. With their new site, you become your own fashion guru, by becoming part of the design process to make your jeans, all about you.

On The Rise Jean & Tonic

Create your own unique pair through a simple step-by-step process on their site, and enjoy the experience while you’re at it. Then, just wait three weeks, or even sooner and you’ll get your hands on you very own tailored pair of jeans right to your door. The good news for us in the UK is that they offer international shipping and if you’re in the US, then you take advantage of their free shipping.

On The Rise Jean & Tonic

The best part is that it’s actually fun to sit and create your own unique style of jean, which is something I personally haven’t experienced before. You’ll have a great time coming up with many different design ideas, but be careful as you’ll probably be there for hours, it’s just making a decision on which one you actually want to commit to is the hardest part of the whole process.

On The Rise Jean & Tonic

Traditional tailoring can cost loads, it’s worth it, but sometimes you’ve got to sit back and just have a re-think when you see your bank balance. That’s where Jean & Tonic come into their own, by offering an e-tailoring platform that not only allows you to get the exact product you want, customised to you, but also gives you a fun experience at the same time.

On The Rise Jean & Tonic

Its low pricing structure, and stunning design style allow you to get your hands on a pair of premium jeans, tailored exactly how you want them for under $120 (£70?). Now when you compare that to other premium brands such as Diesel, or Levis, who hold their own in the market, but don’t offer this level of customisation, then you know that J&T mean business.

They describe jeanandtonic.com as an ‘unparalleled shopping experience’ – which I can totally see why, and they can live up to that quote. Go over there, and get creating your own unique pair of jeans, and look out for J&T in the summer, as they’ll be everywhere.

For more information one Jean & Tonic, jump on over to their website here.

The Language of Love

We get so tied up in life sometimes that so many things get lost.

Simple things in life that we take for granted, and more so than any other, we take people for granted.

Work gets in the way, daily lifestyle choices, hobbies and all sorts of things can make it so difficult for us to actually sit back and relax, then find the things that make us happy.

We take love for granted, we often don’t show it enough, or we don’t show it in the correct way. We put so much emphasis on the bad parts of love, and not enough on the good.

It’s all too easy to fall into that trap. Showing love in different forms can be so easy. Buying things on anniversaries, Christmas, Birthdays etc. is a small, but simple way to show that you care.

The time we spend with people is so limited, and the time we actually spend focusing on our loved ones is extremely limited.

Think about how much you actually sit and make someone feel loved. What attention do you pay them? What do you say to them? All these elements are so important.

For some people it’s really hard to show that love, and for some saying those three words is even harder. And us Brits are the worst at it. We really are stubborn when it comes to showing our romantic side.

This is where fashion brand La Redoute wants to show that there’s more to the French way of life than just the aesthetics.

In this heart warming video, members of the public that find it hard to express their emotions wrote down previously unspoken heartfelt messages to their loved ones and filmed their reactions upon hearing them.

It’s a moving piece of footage, so make sure you have your tissues at the ready.

adidas Originals ZX Flux Exclusive Lands At Foot Locker

adidas Originals and Foot Locker continue their humble partnership by announcing the new adidas Originals ZX Flux range.

This new adidas Originals ZX Flux range are available in five colourways, three for men and two for women. These include camo and cheetah, and are equipped with a ZX 8000 outsole and adidas‘ iconic heel cage.

The ZX Flux strips away all the external bells and whistles of the past model, leaving an understated, smooth casual shoe for the next generation. The mid-sole provides you with a comfort level like no other and has the extraordinary ability to turn heads on the street.

Find out what happens when the exclusive adidas Originals ZX Flux range hits the Foot Locker stores:

The video features a Foot Locker worker transporting the shoes to a waiting customer in a store. The journey involves lots of surreal changes of scenery colour and a dancer testing out the shoes via some inspired street moves.

The adidas Originals ZX Flux is exclusive to Foot Locker, so you won’t be able to get these bad boys anywhere else. So jump on over to Foot Locker today and move onto the next level in sneaker engineering.

What do you think of the shoes? Would you buy them? How about leaving your comments in the discussion thread below and let us know what you think to the new range and advert.

Lacoste reveals Life Is A Beautiful Sport campaign

Somehow, these fashion brands have the amazing ability to grip you to your seats for a short moment during an advert. Sometimes these adverts make no sense at all, and the perfume adverts are more mental than ever before.

It’ll be some random bloke walking on hot coals, or in a field, or on a mountain saying nothing but gibberish. These adverts are extremely gripping though, and always make you sit back for a moment and just watch.

This is the exactly the case for the new Lacoste advertising campaign which is directed by Seb Edwards. The new advert is just in time for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics and New York Fashion Week, and boy is it a gripping experience.

The advert shows an epic story of a first kiss between a man and a woman in a cafe. This kiss is more important than it seems as the contrasting visual elements showcase strong feelings and emotions on a new level.

This is one man, and a woman putting themselves on the line, and making it count.

The Life is a beautiful sport campaign displays Lacoste’s founding values of immaculate passion and tenacity.

Want to watch how a real man kisses his lady? Then watch the video in the player below:


adidas Originals & Foot Locker Launch BN Collection

2013 has been a great year for Foot Locker as they have been consistently producing great new lines of sneakers alongside adidas. The campaigns they have run throughout the year have been really cool, and each time they release a new video for their lines, they just get better and better.

This time, Foot Locker have once again teamed up with adidas Originals to transform an urban basketball court in West London, into a party venue for their new BN collection.

The lucky Facebook fans on the Foot Locker page were invited to this event for a huge celebration and even an appearance from a very special celebrity guest. Who is the guest celeb you ask? Well as basketball players perform some amazing tricks, surprise guest Fernando Torres decides to show up to the celebrations and show off his own unique skills.

The party looked like a hell of alot of fun, with body-poppers, artists, basketball players, trampolinists, break-dancers, cheerleaders and DJs making their imprint on the night. Check out the celebrations in the video below:


The new Brooklyn Nets range is available now via Amazon.