Robinson The Journey trailer

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From the game studio that brought you FarCry and Crysis, comes a new virtual reality, Sci-Fi adventure titled Robinson The Journey. The brand new trailer has been released and can be watched in the player above.

Although no official release date has been confirmed, there’s rumours that this graphical virtual reality adventure will be available towards the end of 2016.

Crytek used the CryEngine in Robinson The Journey, and the studio believes that virtual reality, specifically PlayStation VR, is said to be the most suitable platform for the upcoming game.

Shown from the player’s perspective, the trailer features dramatic flashes of the spaceship crash that leads to the game’s protagonist becoming cast away on a mysterious extrasolar planet.

As the door of the stranded ship opens to reveal the world outside, prepare to witness a beguiling landscape peppered by meteor showers, populated by dinosaurs, and featuring unexplored territory that stretches as far as the eye can see.

This is just a taster of what is to come from the next generation of virtual reality gaming, and it looks absolutely incredible.

On The Rise: Jean & Tonic

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Good denim, at a decent price is really hard to find. Jean & Tonic are on the right path by being the first denim brand that offers custom-made, premium jeans, at an affordable price.

Many of us will know that it’s so hard to find decent denim that fits well, looks awesome, and doesn’t cost a fortune. With their new site, you become your own fashion guru, by becoming part of the design process to make your jeans, all about you.

On The Rise Jean & Tonic

Create your own unique pair through a simple step-by-step process on their site, and enjoy the experience while you’re at it. Then, just wait three weeks, or even sooner and you’ll get your hands on you very own tailored pair of jeans right to your door. The good news for us in the UK is that they offer international shipping and if you’re in the US, then you take advantage of their free shipping.

On The Rise Jean & Tonic

The best part is that it’s actually fun to sit and create your own unique style of jean, which is something I personally haven’t experienced before. You’ll have a great time coming up with many different design ideas, but be careful as you’ll probably be there for hours, it’s just making a decision on which one you actually want to commit to is the hardest part of the whole process.

On The Rise Jean & Tonic

Traditional tailoring can cost loads, it’s worth it, but sometimes you’ve got to sit back and just have a re-think when you see your bank balance. That’s where Jean & Tonic come into their own, by offering an e-tailoring platform that not only allows you to get the exact product you want, customised to you, but also gives you a fun experience at the same time.

On The Rise Jean & Tonic

Its low pricing structure, and stunning design style allow you to get your hands on a pair of premium jeans, tailored exactly how you want them for under $120 (£70?). Now when you compare that to other premium brands such as Diesel, or Levis, who hold their own in the market, but don’t offer this level of customisation, then you know that J&T mean business.

They describe jeanandtonic.com as an ‘unparalleled shopping experience’ – which I can totally see why, and they can live up to that quote. Go over there, and get creating your own unique pair of jeans, and look out for J&T in the summer, as they’ll be everywhere.

For more information one Jean & Tonic, jump on over to their website here.

Anchorman 2 – The Legend Continues

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In a world where comedy sequels tend to completely miss the mark and almost always disappoint, there was no doubt that ten years on, Anchorman 2 – The Legend Continues wouldn’t live up to its predecessor.

Adam McKay and Will Ferrell pretty much always hit it on point, and the laughs just keep on coming. There are parts you miss the first time you watch, that become stand-out moments that you’ll never forget. Case and point – Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

However, one thing to note, and to everyone that has witnessed the on-screen antics of McKay and Ferrell will already know that the comedy is not for everyone. This type of humor is not easily understood for some viewers, and can be quite uncomfortable to watch. So it will come as no surprise that Anchorman 2 – The Legend Continues follows-suite and continues to disembowel your comedic senses and throw you into a world of randomness. This is set in stone, and was to be expected if you have already seen the original.

Ron Burgundy hasn’t changed, which is definitely a good thing. He is still the same egotistical nutcase we have grown to love and this time, he is set on taking over the news world with his original team.

The team consists of Ron (Will Ferrell), Champ (David Koechner), Brian (Paul Rudd) and Brick (Steve Carell), and what a team it is. They are the same sex driven, childlike, redneck bruisers that we saw in the first one, and it’s a damn good thing that they haven’t changed one bit.

The story follows their journey into 24 hour news, a showcase that becomes Ron’s stronghold, by thinking outside the box and broadcasting his ‘news’ from a different angle that at the time, was completely unheard of.

His success is astounding, and his team find their niche. From smoking crack live on TV, raising a Great White Shark from infancy, to covering Police car chases as they happen. The plan is solid and takes them on a whirlwind to success. As you will expect, many events get in their way, and take them on a personal journey into discovering what really matters: Being a team of friends and family.

The laughs are well spread out, and sometimes take you completely off-guard. That said, it’s with a heavy heart to say (as a huge Will Ferrell fan) that without the childish character and facial expressions of Brick (Steve Carell), the film just wouldn’t be as great as it is. Carell has this on-screen ability that gets you unbelievably excited, and you just know that when he is taking part in any of the dialogue, it’s going to be hilarious.

Anchorman 2 – The Legend Continues does exactly what the title suggests (continues the legend), and still gives you a healthy dose of laughter and incredibly an intense, over-the-top fight scene (this time starring some of the biggest names in the industry, Will Smith, Jim Carrey etc). It’s bigger than ever, but definitely not better. Fans will love, new viewers will enjoy another fantastic tale of Ron Burgundy and his eccentric team of news reporters.

Skye – Featherlight (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)

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Skye – recognise the name? Morcheeba frontwoman with 6 million album sale record. Not bad eh? After a 7 year break in 2003, she returned to the band and they completed a successful 18 month tour around Europe, America, Canada & South America.

Now with production credits from Grammy Award winner Stephen Fitzmaurice (Paloma Faith, Metronomy and Professor Green) for her latest solo effort Back To Now, Skye is set for dominating the music market once again.

Using her soft, husky vocal to draw you into the tracks, Skye creates a much bolder, buoyant sound with her most provocative release to date.

Ulrich Schnauss has textured her latest track ‘Featherlight’ into a dub, beat-laden rework that really works well. Featuring an insane amount of claps, a minimal amount of vocal and an uplifting, futuristic sound.

You can listen to Skye – Featherlight (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) in the player below:

Skye is currently gearing up for a show at London’s Bush Hall tonight (1st November).

Get the right Festival look this Summer

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The festival season is getting close. You need to start preparing your look for the summer’s events. So what do you have planned? Are you going to go in fancy dress for a laugh? Or is it a case of raiding the cupboards for last years shit rags? Here at Digital Warble and our friends over at Kangol and Soviet love telling you what to wear, so read on as we all know that we are right.

We’ll start from the top. After the first day of fun, frolics, beer and sweat, your hair is going look offensive. The easiest, and most effective way to look slicker than your average is to bang a hat on. This Basketweave Player hat by Kangol allows your head to breathe (and let the stink out) as well as keeping your beer-drenched hair covered. Keep this one close to you though as you don’t want to lose it if the weather turns sour, or the decision to crowd surf becomes more than a fantasy. Always try to match your hat colour with the same tones in either your belt, shoes, watch, and any accessory really. This is a sure way to keep everything from top to bottom flowing. You’ll be cooler than Mr Freeze after you read this guide, trust me, the heating is off.

What looks cooler than a pair of shades? Nothing, a pair of shades looks cooler than shades, so remember to shade it up. Did I mention shades? The oversized aviators are back in business this summer. Keeping it simple with the colours here is a sure way to look fresh, even when you’re probably at the least fresh you have ever been in the whole point of your life – festivals can drain you like that. Again with these sunglasses you have the multi-purpose usage. You have the look, and feel of Rock Star as well as the protection from those naughty UV raygams. It may be worth buying a couple of pairs of these just incase you lose them.

Moving further down the body here and onto the torso. You’re going to need a T-shirt, anyone will do, but why not go for a smooth bold printed T with some ladies in their undies on it. And you need to ask why? The Fun & Games Tee will do exactly what it says on the tin. The bold design provides enough manliness to be sturdy with the ladies and cute enough not to scare them away. Most women look at other women, so, if you have a whole bunch of women on your torso, who is going to be wearing a huge grin on their face after the eyes of those wonderful beauties stare into the Tee.

Crank the volume up a little with the Rudolph Denim Shirt if it starts to get a little nippy, and you need something to carry on the look. The pale denim draws you into a false sense of security and gives you a friendly, honest look. Choose wisely when deciding whether to tuck into the trousers, how far to button up and if sleeve rolling is still cool. We advise buttons up until the third from the top as this allows you to just see the workings of the Fun & Games Tee. Roll the sleeves up to your forearms and leave that bad boy un-tucked. If it gets a little hotter, but you still need the arm warm, you’re more than good to unbutton so you’re a free flowing shirt monkey.

The jumper is always a feel-good hangover cure. There is nothing more cozy than slowly placing a nice clean jumper over your head when you feel like the world is ending and alcohol has destroyed each memory of the previous evening’s events. It’s the double cc (cozy & cool) for this Rock Girl Sweater. The Rock chick print turns what could be a boring simple jumper, into a T4 host’s wet blanket. One thing to note is placing this jumper over the top of the denim shirt may cause slight discomfort and malfunction in the arm department. So you may wish to remove that item before placing the sweater on. This is best served up with the Tee underneath.

To finish the whole outfit off, you’ve got to remember your pants. Chino’s are still rocking the show and at £30 for a pair of Will Chinos it’s a wonder why everyone isn’t wearing them. The tanned flavour brings the whole outfit to a close, linking in the same colour as the Kangol Basketweave Player hat and Kangol KS6012C2 sunglasses. Also, Chinos + Denim = Match made in Fashionita heaven. Don’t worry about getting these muddy as Chinos don’t need to be immaculate to look super fresh.

But hold on, you’re wondering what to wear on your feet? Well, if you’re heading to a festival in the UK there is only one thing you can take, and SHOULD take with you…WELLIES. However, please do avoid the bright yellow ones as nobody wants to see that.

UFC Undisputed 3

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Can you think of anything more manly than beating the crap out of someone? Maybe sitting on the sofa watching porn, drinking a beer and ordering a curry might tick all the boxes in your man-checklist, yet there is nothing more caveman-like than a good old bloody battle.

Hands down, the UFC has become one of the most exciting, frightening and bloody sports known to man, and what better way to vent your anger than to play as one of your favourite fighters in the new action-packed UFC Undisputed 3. Not only that, you can create your own players and build them up through the ranks in the fighting world.

Fancy yourself as the next Ultimate Fighter, but can’t really be arsed to get down the local gym to fix up the “bought and paid for” beerbelly? The easiest way is to create your own player (with matching beer belly if needed) to look just like you and build them up right from the bottom. You train, you fight, you run, you punch, you do it all to create your own little UFC avatar. With several different game modes to play with, you’re not short of options when playing UFC Undisputed 3.

The gameplay is fantastic, with easy-to-learn controls that won’t leave your controller looking like Chornobyl. The injuries that appear on fighters are absolutely spot on – depending on where they are hit, or how hard they have been hit, the injury will appear differently. For example: Kick the opponent in the side a few times on one side and it starts to bruise (obviously a good tactic for grinding the opponent down).

The fighters are so realistic, you can’t help but feel a tad bit sorry for them after smashing the living daylights out of them. The worst part is after the knockout – you can jump on them and give them an extra smack just for a laugh. The referee obviously jumps in at this time, but you can have your sadistic fun while it lasts.

Each fighter has their own strengths and weaknesses. Once you find these you, can use these to your advantage and create a more tactical approach to the fight. You learn how your fighter works through the training and how you can improve. You know where your weakness lies, and you know how to round-house kick the opponent’s front tooth onto the Octagon matting. It’s just super fun.

The only frustration surrounding the game is loading times and cut scenes in-between the fights. After several replays of a fight after being knocked out in the first 30 seconds – watching the entrance and announcements (including one of those chicks that holds the board with the round number on and walks to the camera) becomes frustrating.

There are pretty much no limits to what you can achieve with UFC Undisputed 3, unless you have a couple of years solidly playing the game for 12 hours a day that is. You want to find games that capture the very essence of the subject, and keep you interested, keep things fresh so to speak. UFC Undisputed 3 does just that, it keeps your heart pumping and your eyes glazed for the Ultimate Flipping Cracker of a game.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

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There are many enjoyments in life that are put on hold when you grow up. Whether it be a whole day sat in front of the TV, mindlessly smashing the keypad, or back-to-back episodes of Red Dwarf eating toast and cereal. So, what better way to solve this nostalgia than to pick up the controller, and start again…

Having not played a computer game since 2007, it quickly became apparent how things have progressed. It’s a whole new dimension, world, and a completely new experience. The Uncharted series is apparently “a bit like Tomb Raider”, and some have said “if you like Tomb Raider, you will be sure to like this” – this is more than the truth.

Years ago, when Lara Croft’s assets looked like two slabs of Toblerone, we could experience interactive gameplay like no other. And more importantly, an interesting story to run alongside the game. Some would say an interactive movie experience. Years have past, technology has progressed, and it’s fantastic to see the level of gameplay at jaw-dropping new heights.

Sadly, Uncharted 3 doesn’t contain Lara Croft, what it does contain is an unbelievable, cinematic adventure game. This is the third game in the Uncharted series created by Naughty Dog for Playstation 3, and boy, what a game it is.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is graphically stunning. The attention to every little detail stands out from start to finish, and leaves you wondering whether you’re actually playing a game, or you’re stuck in reality as the lead character Drake.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Game Review

Every movement of the character is totally interactive, from touching the walls when walking/running past, to the smallest of details on how Drake runs up the stairs. Drake’s mannerisms are spot on as he looks at things, moves his body in ways you have never seen before in actual gameplay. It’s just quite phenomenal.

You can’t quite grasp the concept of humans being able to create such a masterpiece, but, they bloody well have. Full credit can go towards the writers of the storyline too, the whole game is a book that you never want to end. You hold the control pad and never want to let go until the finish.

With a plethora of levels and different landscapes to explore, you’ll find yourself lost in the PS3 for many hours at a time. Maybe not recommended if you want a relationship to last, so why not dump the missus for a week and get Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception out of the way first. Plus, who needs to shower nowadays, you can skip that out of your day too.

Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception Game Review Image 2

There are always faults with a game, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception contains only a few, but one of the main frustrations is camera angles and the sensitivity of the joypad. Obviously these can be configured, and I’m not sure whether that’s just myself having four years of no gameplay with a Playstation controller, but this can become slightly annoying when you have twenty blokes trying to rip your face off.

Naughty Dog have come along way since the Crash Bandicoot series, and they’ve managed to create an essential game to add to the collection. Without question, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception will stand the test of time and become one of the greatest games in history.

For more information on the Uncharted series, you can go to their website here.

Reeperbahn Festival 2011

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The Reeperbahn Festival is one of Europe’s most intriguing festival to date. There are so many things to pack into just a few days, at times, you can feel quite overwhelmed. Budding musicians, festival goers and artists alike will feel right at home in Hamburg, as there is so much influence around every corner for you to pick and choose from. It’s catnip for the musical/artistic population of the world. I mean this place has World War 2 bunkers as nightclubs for Christ sake, now where else in the world can you experience that as well as a festival. Try and apply for a gig night somewhere in England with the same caliber as that then. As a band, playing in something like that would really take your breath away and give you a real boost as an artist. Mind you, it’s even a privilege to experience a venue like that as a journalist. With such an array of different venues to explore and experience it’s a wonder you have any brain capacity left to even consider looking at the art invading-cluster-fuck that encapsulates what Hamburg is all about.

What a way to close off the end of a long hard summer too, the festival drops right towards the end of September and is pretty much the perfect way to end your summer. Providing the weather plays along side the festival you can experience a large range of outdoor gigs, street musicians and whole array of creative sections to Hamburg. Believe it or not but the festival organizers have managed to pack in more than 200 events at 40 different locations along the legend that is the Reeperbahn. No wonder the festival had a record breaking 17.500 attendants and 1.900 professionals and journalists from 31 nations attending the festival this year. Even some chap came all the way from Rio De Rio de Janeiro – now that’s dedication for you. You could definitely see that guy traveling all the way to give it some “crunk” on the open-air silent disco till all hours in the morning – showing us how it is done in Rio.

Some of you may have a view of the Reeperbahn as a seedy place for gangs of Stag Dos and youngsters looking for sexy time, but the Red Light tag that comes with this part of Germany is totally drowned by clubs, bars, restaurants, theaters, art galleries, cabarets and much, much more. This transformation has taken a while but has now come to a point where Hamburg is becoming an unstoppable force. However if you’re looking for that sort of thing then the Herbertstrasse is definitely for you: the street consists of brothels that is off limits for juveniles and females. Yet this just shows you how much of a small part of Hamburg that this scene is today.

Dominating the festival is the newly revamped Spielbudenplatz which offers the public a chance to watch bands play live on two mobile platforms. These open-air gigs give the festival a real “festival” vibe, without all the muddy fields. This area is the hub of the Reeperbahn Festival featuring a whole heap of venues within one strip of tarmac. You can probably spend the whole three days jumping from venue to venue taking in the sights and smells of the Spielbudenplatz – however this is not recommended as outside of this hub are some absolute gems to Hamburg.

As a journalist covering the festival by your lonesome it’s extremely hard to focus on what you’re actually going to be able to physically cover within three days, without passing out from lack of sleep. The three main sections to the festivals: Music, Campus and Arts provide more than enough entertainment for you and a crew of 100 journos. So how does one choose what the hell they are going to cover? Being a music journalist – thoughts are swung towards covering music, which would be ideal. So, that’s what one accomplished. Yet a lot was still untouched, so apologies to all the bands, the artwork, the exhibition areas we missed.

A few hotly tipped bands for the weekend seemed to be the best option, but kind of didn’t work out as planned, nor should don the title “Hotly Tipped”. French electro stagesters Yelle provided what sounded like the ending to an N64 game for the duration of their set. She’s got the look, but the music don’t got no naffink. The venue was astonishingly packed and for the first time since the festival started – a cue seemed to be forming on the door. If only this writer had German linguistic skills to stand near the door and “Yelle” the words – don’t come in, or something to that effect. The girls got the looks, and the stage presence to boot but the two Topman catalog boys banging drums and stabbing keys makes you wonder why everyone in the room is jumping up and down like Kangaroos on crack. Oh yeah, that’s it, a generic drum beat, sly build-ups and a fit bird singing French = A recipe for the “scene” kids to nosh on. Gypsy and The Cat seemed to provide some Australian ear pleasing relief with their melodic Bee Gee tunes. A somewhat more enjoyable performance, and probably a relief on their half as this show was their final tour date. What better place to finish up than Hamburg.

Flicking through the very German schedules gave a glimpse as to how many bands were actually playing the Festival, sometimes its worth just closing your eyes and pointing at the schedule to see who is next on your list. Even if the music isn’t pleasing you, then just look around at the venues as they have such an authentic, rustic, individual, unique and crazy look to them. Toilets covered in Graffiti, with couches just outside the door, kind of like a waiting room for taking a piss – they even had magazines there to read.

Unfortunately The Duke Spirit couldn’t take the lead with their performance as their soundman must be on some kind of Otex suppository as the sound was WAY too gainy. You literally couldn’t hear anything other than the Guitar, the odd yell from the blonde bombshell at the front and the clapping at the end. Disappointing is the only words to describe this performance, especially after the long walk to the venue.

Finding the venues can get a little difficult (especially after a few pints of the old German ale) and sometimes drained quite a bit of time if you don’t know where everything is. Yet once you find the venue, it’s a strong sigh of relief and excitement to see the next band. The War On Drugs failed to do any justice with their sound within the small venue on the other side of the Reeperbahn. This was no war on any kind of drug – a very disappointing boring sound from their set.

New Noise: Issue 6

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Wow, a month has past before my eyes even had time to blink. And there you were thinking that the world had dried up of new exciting music, well all is not lost as New Noise has a couple of sexy pieces of audio wonderment for you to check out. One of the biggest and most exciting enhancements to the music industry is the return of the collaboration kings; Unkle. Not just for their ability to write some incredible music and amazing live performances, but their videos are always a Brucey bonus.

Like I mentioned in the first Issue of New Noise, some of these bands aren’t technically “new” – they are either new to me or are back to release some more sounds. The PR companies are sending millions of new stuff over of late and it’s a wonderful pleasure having to check them out and form my own opinions and disgust. So read on and check all these artists out for their talents.

:Papercutzed – Nothing like abit of ambient steel electronica to chill your beans. These guys are on one of my favourite labels and are releasing an album in May named “Do Outro Lado Do Espelho (Lylac Ambient Reworks)” and it’s looking to be very interesting in deedy. With a mixture of technical mish maps and sounds splashed all over the shop it’s a complete head-fuck when listening to some of :Papercutz works. The one thing that always stands out for me with this particular label is the artwork. All of the artists have some incredible works to their name, the designs are somewhat simplistic in parts but just look unbelievable. Ultre for example; he does all his own stuff and it’s brill. Check the label out, check all their artists out, then get back to me on how fried your brain is.

Baths – We all love swimming in them don’t we? I say swimming, you know, bathing, in a bath..whatever. Will Wiesenfeld is a 21 year old L.A. electronic music producer with a lot to offer in the bathroom department of music. Stumbling beats alongside some interesting vocal samples of children laughing and talking all sounds a little too weird, but if you’re a fan of Boards Of Canada, drop in and say hi to Bath. Releasing his stuff on Anticon later in the year as an album named “Cerulean” I will be sure to pick this up and soothe my tears, I mean ears. He has also just banged out a Fol Chen remix that is incredible, you must check it out.

Unkle – ‘Rabbit In Your Headlights’ still stands out to be one of the best tracks I have ever had the pleasure of listening too. Not only for the fact that guest vocalist Thom Yorke oozes over the whole track but what a video too. Unkle have created some amazing listenable albums over the past few years and they are stepping up with their latest release “Where Did The Night Fall” and mixing their sounds together from all the older stuff into a big Unkle package. Not to mention the album cover which is a work of art, for some reason *ahem. If you haven’t heard of these guys before, go back and listen to each album in its entirety then report back to me with a cover letter on how it has changed the way you listen to music.

Trentemøller – It’s Danish and it’s not a pastry. Some ghostly haunting stuff from electronic artist Trentemøller sloping his arty video for his first single ‘Sycamore Feeling’. Think Massive Attack/Moorcheeba/Portishead’s darker side. This is exciting, refreshing stuff and sounds beautiful.