3D Dystopian Adventure State of Mind Teaser Trailer Released

Daedalic Entertainment has announced a new project titled State of Mind. You can watch the new trailer in the player above. Together with Martin Ganteföhr, the studio develops a 3D dystopian adventure with remarkably realistic low poly visuals. State of Mind is a futuristic 3rd person thriller game exploring into transhumanism. […]


Explosive Battlefield 1 Trailer Released

EA and Dice have taken us back in time, and released a brand new explosive trailer for Battlefield 1. You can watch it in the player above. After huge amounts of backlash against the Call Of Duty franchise’s progressively futuristic settings, it seems EA have returned to the FPS genre’s […]


Robinson The Journey trailer

From the game studio that brought you FarCry and Crysis, comes a new virtual reality, Sci-Fi adventure titled Robinson The Journey. The brand new trailer has been released and can be watched in the player above. Although no official release date has been confirmed, there’s rumours that this graphical virtual […]


Retro gaming trends in 2016

Many of the gaming headlines of 2016 have focused upon how the likes of Oculus Rift are going to grant us all brand new virtual reality futures. But for a hardcore gaming fraternity, it seems that the gaming hits of yesteryear continue to hold a great deal of fascination. From […]


Titanfall 2 multiplayer gameplay trailer released

The official multiplayer gameplayer trailer for Tintanfall 2 has been released. You can watch it in the player above. The highly-anticipated first person shooter is set to build on the foundation Respawn established with the first Titanfall game. “With the original Titanfall, we focused on nailing the gameplay and reinventing the […]


Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope teaser trailer released

A new teaser trailer has been released for Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope. You can watch it in the player above now. This trailer release coincides with the announcement of the game that’s the first of its kind in the series. You’ll immerse yourself in the universe of Serious […]


The world’s first test facility for thrills and excitement

Back in the 90s, Baz Luhrmann released a track called ‘Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen’. The song includes some of the most reasonable, motivating and thought provoking lines ever to be featured in a song. One of which, stuck in my head for years, and still to this day crops […]


PlayStation For The Players Since 1995

As if it isn’t an exciting time in the run the up to Christmas, but to tease us with the biggest console release of the last few years, PlayStation have released a lovely little heart-wrenching advert to look back on where it all began. The PlayStation 4 is set for […]


UFC Undisputed 3

Can you think of anything more manly than beating the crap out of someone? Maybe sitting on the sofa watching porn, drinking a beer and ordering a curry might tick all the boxes in your man-checklist, yet there is nothing more caveman-like than a good old bloody battle. Hands down, […]


Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

There are many enjoyments in life that are put on hold when you grow up. Whether it be a whole day sat in front of the TV, mindlessly smashing the keypad, or back-to-back episodes of Red Dwarf eating toast and cereal. So, what better way to solve this nostalgia than […]