Natty – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

Tonight’s venue seemed to be filling up nicely. I walked in halfway through what looked like the lead singer from The View playing an acoustic set. But no, this was a gentle, timid, quiet and unforgettable Karmina Francis. Such a powerful voice seemed inconceivable from this delicate artist. In-between songs […]


Cold War Kids – Loyalty To Loyalty

So, to the return of the Californian Soul four piece, Cold War Kids. If you were a fan of their debut Robbers And Cowards, then you are automatically a fan of Loyalty To Loyalty. The album is similar in many ways, yet different in others. In our two-year wait for […]


Plies – Definition Of Reality

I want to believe that Hip Hop/Thug Rap does still exist in it’s entirety of unique complex rhythms, clever lyrics and a whole bunch of street bad ass attitude. Plies album – ‘Definition of real’, is an acquired taste, with laid back beats and chilled out vocals. I wish I […]


Deaf Havana – It’s called the easy life

There aren’t many bands with this brand of weird timing and de-tuned sounding riffs at the moment in the UK, but even if there were, Deaf Havana would still be at the top of their league. Mixing brutal riffs with a very light pop-style voice on occasions makes the EP […]