October - Muscle Memory

October – Muscle Memory

It’s difficult to listen to techno without thinking that every artist creates their tunes in Garageband, using the mindless loops, beats and samples provided in the packs. It all seems…Continue Reading →

New Noise Issue 4

New Noise: Issue 6

Wow, a month has past before my eyes even had time to blink. And there you were thinking that the…

The Drums - Best Friend

The Drums – Best Friend

Following one of the most irritating performances known to the Friday night lover Jonathan Ross Show; The Drums played their…

new noise issue 2 | men's lifestyle magazine

New Noise: Issue 2

I’m becoming a tea junkie. Must be averaging about 12 +cups a day, it ain’t good. Saying that rather a tea junkie than a coffee fiend I say. Chuck out…Continue Reading →

Deftones - Diamond Eyes

Deftones – Diamond Eyes

Even now I get tingles down my spine every time ‘Minerva’, or ‘Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) smash into…

New Noise Issue 4

New Noise: Issue 4

I want to firstly say a big thank you to the developers and advertisers over at Myspace.com for making their…