Skye – Featherlight (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)

Skye – recognise the name? Morcheeba frontwoman with 6 million album sale record. Not bad eh? After a 7 year break in 2003, she returned to the band and they completed a successful 18 month tour around Europe, America, Canada & South America.

Now with production credits from Grammy Award winner Stephen Fitzmaurice (Paloma Faith, Metronomy and Professor Green) for her latest solo effort Back To Now, Skye is set for dominating the music market once again.

Using her soft, husky vocal to draw you into the tracks, Skye creates a much bolder, buoyant sound with her most provocative release to date.

Ulrich Schnauss has textured her latest track ‘Featherlight’ into a dub, beat-laden rework that really works well. Featuring an insane amount of claps, a minimal amount of vocal and an uplifting, futuristic sound.

You can listen to Skye – Featherlight (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) in the player below:

Skye is currently gearing up for a show at London’s Bush Hall tonight (1st November).

Tom Odell – Songs From Another Love

Writing his own material from the age of 13 and growing up in Chichester, must have had an effect on Tom Odell‘s emotional output. The Songs From Another Love EP dives straight into the deep end of love, drink and promises.

Now 21, and still a newcomer to the scene, Tom Odell wears his heart on his throat as the four track The Songs From Another Love EP is drenched in a sense of drowning in a deep puddle of tears. Using his Piano as his weapon of choice, each track rains down the pain second by second. Moving towards the Jeff Buckley, Scott Matthews bracket, Tom certainly makes an emotional impression.

Not an uplifting EP, but Tom Odell is definitely one to watch later next year. He recently signed to Columbia Records after moving to the big smoke and obviously shook some feathers in the A&R department with this haunting release.

Tom Odell will also support Jake Bugg on tour this November.

Kavinsky – Nightcall

A late bloomer to the Ryan Gosling Drive fan club, I finally got around to watching the “neo-noir” (whatever that means) crime drama.

It only took a day to realise just how great that film really is. The coolest part about it is the soundtrack.

Without that, Drive wouldn’t be the stunner that it is.

Standing out in the soundtrack, like a throbbing thumb is ‘Nightcall‘ by the French electro genius cool-cat Kavinsky. It’s the opening track to the film Drive and lures you into the film within seconds.

Since watching the film, I have to fulfil my daily fix of this track. It has literally become part of my musical diet over the past week or so.

It’s not just me that has taken to rinsing the YouTube playlist on my phone, another 20 odd million listeners have clicked play, over, and over again.

Kavinsky is super-cool, there is no question about it. His music is romantic, fresh, husky and smooth – all the stereotypes of the average Frenchman.

Check out ‘Nightcall’ below, and be warned, you will be listening for a long time.

Rita Ora – Ora

Trying to put aside the fact that on first impressions, Rita Ora annoyed the fuck out of me. I decided to close that door and open a new, more tolerable gate and allow Ora’s oral lingerings into my speakers. Upon hearing ‘R.I.P’ for the four thousandth time this month on the radio it was pretty safe to assume that the album will most likely be equally as annoying. Due to the fact that ‘R.I.P’ has been completely overplayed, absolutely everywhere, it’s very close-minded to just completely rule Rita Ora’s music out of your playlist after one song. Let me tell you now kids, there is absolutely no point in listening to the full album. ‘R.I.P’ gave us a taste of what Rita Ora is capable of, and it was wank back at the start, now after 12 tracks and about 40 mins worth of music, it doesn’t get any jizzier.

If it gets to a point where your partner with the musical taste of a Dulux Dog (she listens to chart music and that Grime type stuff people keep “churpsing” about) asks you to turn the record off, then you know you’re in for some hard listening. Two tracks in and it was a big thumbs down from the missus – not a great start.

Now with three number-one singles under her belt, and this album rocking the number 1 album chart spot, you would have thought that at least one track is worth checking out. Even for a few mins as background music. You guessed right by the tone of my typing that this isn’t the case at all. Each track moulds into each other with the same monotonous attempt at being a number one dance floor hit. However, she must be doing something right as previously mentioned that three of the singles (‘Hot Right Now’, ‘How We Do (Party)’ and ‘R.I.P.’) featured on the album achieved however many sales you need nowadays to get a number one. For the record, that percentage of the population probably clicked by accident on their iTunes – FACT.

Scanning through the twelve tracks to find something actually worth listening to is like taking a piss whilst doing a handstand. Everything about it is wet, pissy and difficult to endure. There is boredom actually written into the music itself, an essence of puke is in there, copious amounts of cat shit (the worst kind of cat shit – the stuff that has dried-up, and then re-opened when you run over it with your lawnmower) and a fundamental skankidge of recycled sounds. The only thing to salvage from the album is DJ Fresh applying a drum ‘n’ bass beat to ‘Hot Right Now’ and making an appearance on ‘Fall In Love’ (however, Rita actually applies the lyrics “Fa la la la la” into this track to spread that potent cat shit back in there).

Without that push from Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, Rita Ora would most likely have no influence in the industry and would sell half as many records. This tag that artists like Rita Ora nowadays seem to have can become so frustrating and so clear to us that this is simply a money-maker, targeting the percentage of the population with no clue as to what they are listening to. For those of you reading this, you know all of that bullshit already.

Anyone reading music reviews nowadays actually cares for what they put into their ears. So read clearly on this one: just don’t even bother. The time it has taken to sit down and listen to this record all the way through over the past week, giving it a fair listen, trying to scrape something from the bottom of this shit-pan of a record, it pains me to have wasted so much time when there are so many artists out there that deserve my time. So instead of listening to this, please for Christ’s sake find something else to check out and spend your hard earned cash on. More importantly, the calories I’ve burned typing into the keyboard has annoyed me the most – just so you know how livid I am right now.

Rita Ora – Ora is out now. Please don’t buy it.

The following tracks are fictional and do not appear on Rita Ora‘s album, however they are definitely worth checking out instead of Ora:

‘The Bottle Bank @ Your Local Coop’
‘A Dog Farting Into A Carrier Bag’
‘Every Single Ring Tone In A Nokia 3210 On The Back Of A Bus’

Adele vs. Daft Punk – Something About The Fire (Carlos Serrano Mix)

It’s a fine thing to be able to mish-mash a couple of tunes together. But to do it successfully and create something with a pleasant, listenable outcome is another.

Carlos Serrano has done just that. Mixing one of the most over-hyped artists in the last few years (if you’re looking at the screen right now, about to make your own mash up with your keyboard and mouse because you think we are talking about Daft Punk then you’re wrong) and one of the best electronic/dance artists in the world right, into a chilled out, palatable tune.

The video is brought to you by Jason Ano, the very same bloke who got his creative paws behind A$AP Rocky’s ‘Purple Swag’ & Skrillex’s ‘Rock N Roll’ visuals. The video has you sucked in right from the very beginning, and we all know why we love it. Just check that screenshot.

So sit back, relax and watch a chick swimming in slow-motion underwater to this wonderful mash-up.

Word on the street is that Daft Punk maybe announcing European festival dates for next year, including a visit to the hallowed fields of Worthy Farm. However this word on the street could be a load of bullshit, don’t hold us to it. As the French duo would hit the road for their first live dates since 2007 – which wouldn’t really make sense. You be the judge.

Music Hitting Your Shelves This Week: July 16th 2012

Looking at this week’s music list makes you think about how many bands and artists there are churning out new releases. There is an absolute ton of new music to check out this week. It can only be a good thing right? You’re spoilt for choice.

One of the highly anticipated albums of the year is Periphery‘s new album Periphery II, which comes out this week. We’ve been looking forward to this one for a while and have been waiting to hear it.

Bloc Party are back with a new single ‘Octopus‘ which is getting a hell of alot of people excited. It’s been a while since we saw these guys smashing out their material, and we can’t wait to hear the finished product with their new album Four at the end of August.

Still plodding along with their cheeky synth metal genre are Enter Shikari with their new single ‘Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here‘ as well as Bat For Lashes making an appearance with their single ‘Laura‘.

John Frusciante has been quite for a while, but he is back this week with his new album Letur-Lefr. We recommend going back in time and listening to the back catalog of Frusciante‘s solo work, as it’s super amazing.

Nas also makes an effort this week with his album Life Is Good and if you really wanna get your gangster shoes on, check out the new album Good Morning To The Night by Elton John Vs Pnau.

Singles released this week:

Alpines – ‘Empire’
Bat For Lashes – ‘Laura’
Bloc Party – ‘Octopus’
The Cribs – ‘Glitters Like Gold’
Cypress Hill X Rusko – ‘Cypress Hill X Rusko EP’
Daniel Powter – ‘Cupid’
Deaf Club – ‘Moving Still/Lights’
Delilah – ‘Inside My Love’
Enter Shikari – ‘Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here’
Ren Harvieu – ‘Tonight’
Richard Hawley – ‘Down In The Woods’
King Charles feat. Mumford & Sons – ‘The Brightest Light’
Little Boots – ‘Headphones’
Misha B – ‘Home Run’
Post War Years – ‘Glass House’
Slugabed – Mountains Come Out Of The Sky
The Edenites – Welcome to London
Milwalkie – Wash Yourself
We’re No Heroes – Ghost Coast
Born Blonde – ‘I Just Wanna Be’
Electric Guest – ‘Awake’
Jack Light – Answer your Questions

EPs released this week:

Joshua Ketchmark – the Dreamers Disease
Paul Masters – Portrait Of Music
The Range – disk
We Like Humans – We Like Humans
Isaac Delusion – Early Morning
South Banks – Fit For A King
Blisted Pearl – Wait for You
Elude – Bingo
Joia – ‘Match Light’
Twin Bears – Angel

Albums released this week:

Baroness – ‘Yellow And Green’
Bury Tomorrow – ‘The Union Of Crowns’
Daniel Powter – ‘Turn On The Lights’
Diiv – ‘Oshin’
Elton John Vs Pnau – ‘Good Morning To The Night’
Fang Island – ‘Major’
Feed The Rhino – ‘The Burning Sons’
Hellyeah – ‘Band Of Brothers’
Jimmy Cliff – ‘Rebirth’
John Frusciante – ‘Letur-Lefr’
Mtmtmk – ‘The Very Best Of Mtmtmk’
Nas – ‘Life Is Good’
Natalie Duncan – ‘Devil In Me’
Old Crow Medicine Show – ‘Carry Me Back’
Periphery – ‘Periphery II’
Pierce The Veil – ‘Collide With The Sky’
Tremonti – ‘All I Was’
Through the Sparks – Alamalibu
The Intelligence- Everybody’s Got it Easy But Me
Hot Panda – Go Outside
Cosmo Jarvis – Think Bigger
The Agnostic-Phibes Rhythm & Blood Conspiracy – Campfire Tales
Poppy Perezz – We Are Yours
Sam Lee – Ground Of It’s Own
Kotki Dwa – Staycations
Meursault – Something for the Weekend
Grasscut – Unearth
The Very Best – ‘MTMTMK’
Shout Out Out Out Out – Spanish Moss and Total Loss
Leander Rising – Leander Rising
Various Artists – Lateral Excursions 01
Hatcham Social – About Girls
Jimmy Cliff – Rebirth
Simbiose – Economical Terrorism
Mark Tremonti – All I Was
Boz Boorer – Some Of The Parts
Various Artists and Hans Zimmer – THE DARK KNIGHT RISES SOUNDTRACK
Various Artists – ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13
Various Artists – DARK STAR
Feel Good! – Weekend Life
Sonic Intervention – The Advent
Affin Fractals [mixed by Joachim Spieth] – Affin
Years In The Making – Prevail
Poppy Perezz – We Are Yours
Peter And Kerry – ‘La Trimouille’
Various Artists – The Move