Following on from the huge success of Foot Locker’s summer Sneaker Mix campaign, during which it created the world’s first trainer mixing deck, Foot Locker promises some unique, one-off DJ experiences for the ‘Sneaker Mix 2013’ tour. The tour features the breakthrough British electronic rock band Modestep for an exclusive […]

A guilty pleasure has arrived this week. Second name Williams, first name Robbie. I know what you’re thinking, well, no I don’t really. And I don’t really care, as the new Robbie Williams track ‘Be A Boy’ uncontrollably forced my body in a spasm of forwards and backwards motion whilst […]

With almost 100k plays since its 20-hour-ago upload, ‘Affection‘ is kicking up a stink for the Crystal Castles fans. This is the next track revealed off the highly anticipated new album (III). Luckily you won’t have to wait too long for the album, as the release date is only a […]

Skye – recognise the name? Morcheeba frontwoman with 6 million album sale record. Not bad eh? After a 7 year break in 2003, she returned to the band and they completed a successful 18 month tour around Europe, America, Canada & South America. Now with production credits from Grammy Award […]

Writing his own material from the age of 13 and growing up in Chichester, must have had an effect on Tom Odell‘s emotional output. The Songs From Another Love EP dives straight into the deep end of love, drink and promises. Now 21, and still a newcomer to the scene, […]

A late bloomer to the Ryan Gosling Drive fan club, I finally got around to watching the “neo-noir” (whatever that means) crime drama. It only took a day to realise just how great that film really is. The coolest part about it is the soundtrack. Without that, Drive wouldn’t be […]