Chelsee Healey: I wish I fancied Pasha

Chelsee Healey wishes she fancied Pasha Kovalev.

The ‘Waterloo Road’ actress – who is paired alongside the Russian hunk on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ – admitted while she hoped there would be natural chemistry with her dance partner, he is more of a “big brother” figure to her.

She said: “Everyone’s really lovely, but there’s nothing going on with anyone. I love Pasha. He’s so sweet and we get on really well, which is nice. I don’t fancy him, though, he’s more like a big-brother type. I wish I could fancy him!”

Despite not fancying Pasha, Chelsee confessed she has her eye on some of the other dancers on the BBC One show, as when a man is able to move well it’s “really sexy”.

She added in an interview with new! magazine: “I thought I’d never fancy a dancer, but when you watch them dance, you’re like, ‘Ooh!’ When a man’s a good dancer, it’s really sexy.”

However, finding a man isn’t Chelsee’s only worry on ‘Strictly’, as she recently admitted her ample chest is causing her problems in the wardrobe department.

She told BANG Showbiz: “Luckily, the costumes are really good at strapping my boobs right in. As soon as the costume designers saw me they were like, ‘We might have a problem with them’. They have to practically strap me in.”

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