Chloe Moretz shocked Martin Scorsese

Chloe Moretz “fooled” Martin Scorsese into casting her in ‘Hugo’.

The ‘Kick Ass’ actress stars in the director’s latest movie opposite Asa Butterfield and her British accent throughout her audition was so convincing, the legendary filmmaker was shocked to find out afterwards that the young star is actually American.

She told website FlicksandBits: “When Marty flew Asa and I to New York to chemistry read for the role, we walked into this screening room, and I was fully British from meeting Marty to the end of the audition, then I went back to my American accent.

“The whole time he totally thought I was a British actress because he had never seen any of my other movies. He had never seen ‘Kick Ass’ or anything like that.

“So by the time that I left, ‘OK, thanks Marty. See you.’ He was like, “‘Whoa, so you’re American?’ I was like, ‘I am,’ and he was like, ‘You fooled me kid.’ I was like, ‘I did fool you.’ But it worked.

“I guess I just tried to mimic Asa’s type accent, so that way we were on the same kind of playing field.”

Chloe loved working on the movie – which also stars Sir Ben Kingsley, Jude Law, Ray Winstone and Emily Mortimer – admitting it was a “dream come true” to work with the director.

She told Collider: “Working with Scorsese was amazing, it was a dream come true. He’s the most iconic director living now.

“Sir Ben Kingsley is ridiculous, he’s an iconic actor and so working opposite him was something else.”