Chloe Moretz's weird life

Chloe Moretz admits her life is “a little weird”.

The 14-year-old actress insists she doesn’t feel her career has robbed her of her childhood because she is having such a good time with her work and having the opportunity to see the world.

She said: “People always ask me, ‘Do you think you’re missing your childhood?’ I’m like, ‘No!’ I get to live in London and Rome and Paris. I meet these incredible people and do what I love doing. What kid wouldn’t want to do that?

“Yeah, I know I’m just a kid but I can play a character. Like, on the red carpet that’s actress Chloe wearing great clothes.

“Actress Chloe is a lot more well-spoken than regular Chloe, who I am when I’m with my family. And yes, it’s a little weird but I’m trying to manoeuvre it gracefully with the help of my family.”

While Chloe – who travels everywhere with either her mother Teri or brother Trevor – loves fashion, she admits her parent restricts her shopping as she feels it is “inappropriate” for the teenager to have designer goods.

Chloe told Sunday Times Style magazine: “I love shopping but my mum doesn’t let me buy much stuff. [She says] ‘I don’t think it’s appropriate to see a 14-year-old girl running around with a Chanel bag or a Dolce & Gabbana dress.’ ”