So, to the return of the Californian Soul four piece, Cold War Kids. If you were a fan of their debut Robbers And Cowards, then you are automatically a fan of Loyalty To Loyalty. The album is similar in many ways, yet different in others. In our two-year wait for this record, nothing much has changed.

Lead singer Nathon Willet continues his vocal domination on each track, providing cracked-throat blues and a soulful atmosphere. Plus the big beat, slow piano, jittery music works just as well as it did the first time. It’s hard to compare CWK to any other band around at the minute, and I like that.

The Opening track ‘Against Privacy’ sounds as if The Zutons have taken over the record, with a guitar sound from SpongeBob Squarepants. ‘Something Is Not Right With Me’ is a dry, 2min22sec, 2008 equivalent to ‘Hang Me Up To Dry’. It undoubtedly gets into your head and makes you sing along (even if you don’t want it too!).

‘I’ve seen enough’ is a more upbeat track that controversially feels as if it could be used in the credits to a bond film. ‘Relief’ has a more ’08 feel, with a very electro bass line and tech drum sound reminiscent of Kid Koala (Musically, not vocally). The rest of the album just seems to drag.

My advice for new listeners would be to give it a lot of time, Cold War Kids are sometimes hard to palette. Listening to the whole album in one sitting is like tackling a marathon, it is not advised.

Cold War Kids, Hang yourselves up to dry!

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