LISTENABLE is delighted to announce the signing of Swedish death metal machine COLDWORKER and will release their new album “ The Doomsayer’s Call “ in winter 2011.

Coldworker was formed in February 2006. The band features of former and current members of bands such as Nasum, Relentless, Ruin, and Phobos.

Musically Coldworker label themselves as full blasting death metal – like a mix of European grindcore and American death metal.

Tracklisting is as below:
1. A New Era
2. The Reprobate
3. The Glass Envelope
4. Flesh World
5. Murderous
6. Pessimist
7. Monochrome Existence
8. Vacuum Fields
9. Living is Suffering
10. The Walls Of Eryx
11. Violent Society
12. Becoming The Stench
13. The Phantom Carriage

The Contaminated Void 2006
Rotting Paradise 2008


Joel Fornbrant – vocals
Anders Bertilsson – guitar
Daniel Schröder – guitar
Oskar Pĺlsson – bass
Anders Jakobson – drums

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