New York City’s influential rock band D Generation is set to perform with legendary rockers Guns N’ Roses at The Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit, MI on December 1 and also at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, OH on December 2.

Vocalist Jesse Malin says, “We’re really honored to have been asked to play with Guns N Roses. Tommy Stinson played on one of my solo records a while back and we’ve known each other for years. We’ve always had great shows in the mid-west and are looking forward to it again.”

Adding in, guitarist/vocalist, Danny Sage says, “We are always happy to play to new people. I wish there were more! We’re flattered…It’s nice to be asked by a band that could have asked anyone. We appreciate it.”

Formed back in 1991, D Generation have released three critically acclaimed albums, D Generation, No Lunch and Through the Darkness. Also, they have toured with rock legends Social Distortion, Green Day, Cheap Trick, The Misfits, The Ramones and also Kiss, among others before experiencing hiatus to pursue personal projects in 1999. Throughout the last decade, Malin has had a rather successful solo career while Danny Sage (guitar/vocals), Howie Pyro (bass), Michael Wildwood (drums) and Richard Bacchus (guitar/vocals) have all worked on a variety of their own high profile projects. In early 2011, D Generation hit the stage for their first live show since 1999.

Malin says, “We never saw it as “breaking up” or even this being a “reunion”. We’ve known each other forever and have always been in each other’s lives. I’ve been doing my solo thing for the last several years and the rest of the guys have been doing their thing as well. We always knew we’d be playing together again.”

Sage says, “I’m proud to see the band working a lot again. I believe in the band. I always did. The band should be out there, onstage. I think we play it differently than a lot of other rock n roll bands nowadays…We have a chemistry and a volatility that is kinda lacking lately. It’s been going great; the gigs have been some of the best we’ve ever played.”

Check out D Generation performing their song “Degenerated” live at The Uptown in Oakland, CA on September 25, which was filmed and edited by Joseph Quever.

Midwest fans can catch the rare chance to see D Generation live in concert with Guns N’ Roses this December in both Detroit and Cincinnati.

“We’re looking towards the new year and I am sure we’re gonna have a bunch of releases, a best of, a new album and a lot more touring…that’s the most important part for us,” notes Sage.

D Generation Tour Dates (w/Guns N’ Roses):
Dec 1 – Detroit, MI – The Palace of the Auburn Hills
Dec 2 – Cincinnati, OH – U.S. Bank Arena
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