DAMON + NAOMI play Viola Nights at Whirled Cinema on Sunday, December 11th.

On Sunday, December 11th at 7:30 p.m. Damon & Naomi are to play a show at the Whirled Cinema – Arch 260 – Hardess Street in London.

Damon (drums) and Naomi (bass & occasional vocals) started playing music together in Galaxie 500, in Boston back in 1987. In the Spring of 1991, Galaxie 500 broke up, just as Damon & Naomi released their first duo work; an EP titled Pierre Étoile. Since then, the duo has released seven albums via labels such as Shimmy Disc, Sub Pop Records, and their own 20/20/20 imprint.

Also, they have collaborated with Japanese band Ghost, making a whole album for Sub Pop and touring as a trio with Ghost’s Electric guitar hero, Michio Kurihara. Also, Damon is a published poet and Naomi is an accomplished documentary film maker/photographer; additionally, they run their own publishing company for experimental literature – Exact Orange. Domino Records re-issued the entire Galaxie 500 catalog in March of 2010. Also, in May 2011 Damon & Naomi released a brand new album ‘False Beats & True Hearts’.


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