Danish Surf rockers The Good The Bad return with new album and a hit – interested

Danish surf rockers The Good The Bad announce the release of their sophomore album ‘From 018-033’

Back off European tour with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and several killer appearances at festivals this summer The Good The Bad are gearing up to unveil their sophomore album to an unsuspecting public. ‘From 018 To 033’ displays an exciting progression from their critically acclaimed debut, which attracted obsessive support among press and musical peers alike.

The Good The Bad returned between live dates to their Copenhagen base, a nuclear bunker and creative haven for Denmark’s Warhol Factory types to record ‘From 018 To 033’. On it you can hear the spirit of the Wild West channelled through Ennio Morricone, Bill Conti and other masters like Phil Spector, John Barry and Lalo Schifrin.

Yet it’s not all cinematic and serene, their love for all things 60s prevails in their uncanny way of updating new takes of familiar motifs and signature riffs by The Kinks, The Who, Hendrix and many besides. This is a history lesson for those who never went to school, but it’s also a new dawn and a new day where the rules simply don’t apply. The result is nothing short of spectacular.

With a lot more vocal, flamenco guitar, mellotron, organ and other wondrous arrangements and instrumentation than was demonstrated on TGTB’s debut ‘From 001 To 017’, there is plenty to behold here as a significant new layer you never quite grasp becomes clear on each new listen.

The Good The Bad are also known for their inspired videos, especially since the viral success of ‘A Girl Called 030’, taken from the forthcoming album which was uploaded on Vimeo at the end of 2010. With over 2.4 million views racked up in a few months (watch it
– NSFW) TGTB are building fans as far and wide as Mexico and Afghanistan. Other videos also available ‘From 018 To 033’ are ‘

’ and ‘

’ with more coming soon too!

The Good The Bad are Adam Olsson (The Adam) on lead guitar, Johan Lei Gellett on drums and Manoj Ramdas (ex-The Raveonettes) on baritone guitar. A UK and European tour will be announced shortly for September/October 2011. TGTB’s new album ‘From 018 To 033’ is released through Stray Cat Records on October 31st.

UK and European Dates – More to be confirmed

24th September – Cherry Cola Crawl Festival, London, UK
26th September – Madame Jo Jo’s, London, UK
7th October – Bassy, Berlin, Germany
14th October – KB18, Copenhagen, Denmark

For more information visit:
TGTBTV’s Channel – YouTube

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