There aren’t many bands with this brand of weird timing and de-tuned sounding riffs at the moment in the UK, but even if there were, Deaf Havana would still be at the top of their league.

Mixing brutal riffs with a very light pop-style voice on occasions makes the EP of high interest to me. Opener ‘This afternoon was a total disaster’ is a nice heavy start and 43 seconds into the track is where my interest is drawn – a very “Every Time I Die” style riff is introduced and has my head fully rocking.

The whole EP has a similar feel to it, with a slight mix of ‘Underoath’ mixed in there for good measure. Track 3 is the next prominent track; a very promising song and I can imagine how energetic this would sound live, but yet again, parts of the song are starting to sound a little too similar to “Every Time I Die”. This is when I ask myself the question “Is this really such a bad thing??”

The next track ‘The tune of ID’ show’s a very different side to the band, opening with a mellow and crisp sounding guitar tone and smooth flowing vocals (a lot like Incubus) before kicking in with a nicely timed and executed heaviness. Two and a half minutes in the song goes back to its roots before vocals of James and Ryan suddenly break through, with enough emotion to make your hair stand on end.

The 5th track (out of 6) ‘Love by the riverside’ is a short one, however it is also the most energetic yet; with a guitar riff so long and powerfully unique, it just proves that this band really know what they’re doing. The final track ‘ Oh Howard, you crack me up’ is my personal favourite. It’s clearly the strongest on the EP, and the vocals provide an epic atmosphere. This is definitely a song that Deaf Havana should release as a single.

The only problem with this EP is the fact that is only an EP. These songs are too powerful and of a high quality to not be part of a full length album. It’s a shame there isn’t much of a demand for this style of music in the UK, as I am convinced that if there were, these guys would be massive.

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