Deeze – This Is Gotham EP FREE Download

Deeze – This Is Gotham EP (FREE Download EP)
01 – Its Rainin (Produced by Tricksta)

02 – This Is Gotham (Produced by Leinad 410)
03 – Anarchy (Produced by Stealf)
04 – The Dark Knight (Produced by Tricksta)
05 – Why So Serious (Produced by Stealf)
06 – Hero (Produced by Stealf)
07 – Fallin (Produced by Leinad 410)

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Deeze – Why So Serious (Produced by Stealf) Promotional Video

This West Midlands rapper has impressed before with a string of successful underground releases. Deeze debuted with his UK Runnings mixtape ‘The Preturn’ back in October 2010 and then went on to release two other mixtapes ‘The Return’ in November and ‘The Re-Birth’ on News Day 2011. This onslaught of releases made noise on the underground and led to him releasing a five track EP entitled ‘Late Nights Early Mornings’ which was produced by Tricksta and released digitally on Wolftown Recordings, as well as featuring heavily on Tricksta’s forthcoming album and featuring on the video track ‘Out Of Darkness’ which has now has over 20,000 hits on You Tube.

In June we saw Deeze drop his fifth project and second mixtape with UK Runnings called ‘Call Of Big Dutty’ which has received various positive reviews across the internet and caused a stir with numerous industry heads who are finally beginning to wake up to his talent. Deeze also features on the forthcoming album from producer Stealf, where he features on track alongside Konny Kon and Jadakiss, as well as being asked to do a solo track. Deeze also recently collaborated with Chicago producer Rediculus on a track with the legendary Juice Crew member Craig G, as well as playing live and recording future tracks with Juttla for Eastern Pressure.

Now in August 2011 we get Deeze’s sixth project, a seven track EP that features all original production but with a Batman twist! For this project he enlisted the production skills of talented UK beat-makers Tricksta, Stealf and Leinad 410, insisting that all production should sample music from the film! With this concept in mind he cleverly gives us a concept EP like no other as he compares modern inner city living in the UK to that of the fictional city of Gotham. This promotional free download EP is just one of many examples of the creativity that Deeze is bringing to the music game and with his next mixtape planned to be released with DJ Ames things are really hotting up for Big Dutty Deeze.

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