Detroit Grand Pubahs: unveil new remixes of 'Sandwiches' and new label‏

The Detroit Grand Pubahs launch their new techno label Engineroom with a re-recorded update of their classic track ‘Sandwiches’. ‘Club Sandwiches’ comes as a trilogy of 3 heavyweight remixes packages, which officially launches with a label launch party at this year’s ADE.

This time, gone is the masks, multiple personas and gimmicks. The Pubahs return to a more sombre mode as Mack Goudy Jr and Oliver Way step away from their funk caricature’s of Paris the Black Fu and Mr. O and embrace the dark and atmospheric techno that will give Engineroom its unique stamp. Whilst their other label Det.ele.funk will continue to keep the funk, Engineroom will showcase the no frills electronic dance music that has always been prevalent in their DJ sets.

“In my opinion you can only tell a joke for so long,” declares Paris. “Besides that it seems that people in this genre of music don’t really have a sense of humour (the producers anyway). They tend to take things way too seriously and then ask ‘does humour belong in music?’ which is laughable in itself. I got into music by chance and that happened because of my humour. People would laugh and tell me how crazy the track was and they’d always smile while doing so. Mad Mike told me ‘we have to laugh sometimes’. I took that to heart and kept trying. Now as of late I feel it’s time for us to show our serious side.”

Engineroom launches with three sets of stunning remixes of the classic Detroit Grand Pubahs track ‘Sandwiches’. The first EP in the ‘Club Sandwiches’ series includes a 2011 re-recorded and updated version, a Dave Clarke & Mr Jones aka _Unsubscribe_ remix and a Marc Romboy remix. The vinyl is also a very special collectors edition 10" clear vinyl, individually hand signed and only 40 copies! available worldwide for sale only from Juno.
Record One at Juno Records

The second EP will showcase remixes from Ben Sims and the trilogy will be completed by new Detroit Grand Pubahs remixes with the acapella.

Further more the Pubahs will be launching Engineroom Records at this years Amsterdam Dance Event in conjunction with Bulletdodge on Friday 21 October.

Taking place at the intimate 200 capacity ‘The House of Rising’ club / bar the night brings together a line-up including Bio’s Vince Watson, Detroit Grand Pubahs and co-hosts Bulletdodge as Gareth Whitehead teams up for a special B2B set with My Evil Twiin. And what’s more – it’s free entry!

In order to give you a taste of what’s to come, the Pubahs’ Mr. O has teamed up with Gareth Whitehead for this exclusive ADE party mix.

Gareth Whitehead v Detroit Grand Pubahs’ Mr O ADE mix…head-v-detroit
EPMmusicVideos’s Channel – YouTube

1. Alfa Romero Prudo "Frozen Birds" (Orion Muzik)
2. Carlo Gambino "Bad Habits (Claire Ripley remix)" (3am recordings)
3. Soul Camp "Soundshift (Jo Mills & Gareth Whitehead remix)" (Bulletdodge records)
4. Tom Taylor & Gareth Whitehead "Rain" (Bulletdodge records)
5. Werner Niedermeier "The Far Side (Oliver Deutschmann remix)" (Bulletdodge records)
6. Santos "Zangros Fest" (Rockets & Ponies)
7. Patrick Lindsey "Get Up & Bounce" (Hideout)
8. Detroit Grand Pubahs "Club Sandwiches (Ben Sims ’91 Revival remix)" (Engineroom)
9. Regis "Keep Planning (unreleased version)" (Downwards)
10. Psycatron v Detroit Grand Pubahs "NVRSAYNVR" (Delicacies)
11. My Evil Twin "Suspension of Disbelief (Space DJz remix)" (Bulletdodge)
12. Bodyscub "Hyperactive (Sasha Carassi Phobiq remix)" (Driving Forces)

Detroit Grand Pubahs ‘Club Sandwiches’ (Engineroom)
Part 1 – re-recorded 2011 version, Dave Clarke & Mr Jones aka _Unsubscribe_ remix and a Marc Romboy remix. Release date 21 October.
Part 2 – Ben Sims Remixes. Released in November.
Part 3 – Detroit Grand Pubahs Remixes. Release date mid December.

Detroit Grand Pubahs

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