Following one of the most irritating performances known to the Friday night lover Jonathan Ross Show; The Drums played their new single ‘Best Friend’. There is no words to describe how ridiculous the whole performance and long it was, never mind Wossey getting the bump off the show for his outlandish comments, but sack him for letting these suckers on the show.

All great bands have a showman, Jonathan Pierce is no exception, but he looks like a skinny Boris Johnson with epilepsy. You can argue that this is their ‘style’ and that’s just fine, but it’s wank. Walk through Topman and you will be sure to find The Drums best friends chilling with the same ridiculous clothing and trying to look cool. Get over it boys and make something good.

Twangy guitars with a surfer’ey approach make up for the lack of structure and vocal ability. Everything else is bland and drugged up, the solo is just a few simple plucks and a bit of reverb, it’s as boring as the Channel 4 Election coverage this year. It’s quite a shame really as their debut ‘I Wanna Go Surfing’ was actually a pretty good tune, maybe they should stick to surfing all day and lay off the studio mic.

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