Lunchtime seems to be one of the hardest times within our day that we can sit down and eat a healthy, well cooked meal. It’s strange when you think about the concept of the way we were brought up to have a sandwich, packet of crisps and an apple in our lunchbox each and everyday. The thought of having a cooked meal within that lunchbox just seems crazy. A well cooked, prepared meal taken to work, blows people’s minds.

The best way to get around this is to eat out, however the cost involved with this is massive. Even if you’re picking up a meal deal at Boots, it can still dig right into your pocket. Unless you’re strategic about what you are eating, you probably won’t know what is actually in your foods, and how many calories, how much protein and fats are going into that meal.

The Prepd Pack Lunchbox Main Shot

To solve this problem, Prepd, San Francisco’s health conscious startup have created the Prepd Pack, which is a revolutionary new take on the lunchbox. It’s been designed, crafted and meticulously thought out, so that you can simply enjoy lunchtime. Sounds a little bit over the top, but when you break it down, it sounds perfectly logical, and really fills a gap in the market for many of us taking our lunches to work.

Fundamentally, the Prepd Pack helps you take control of every aspect of what you put into your body at lunch. You choose your meals, you prepare them and pop them in your lunch box. The innovative system that holds the containers can be arranged in all kinds of different combinations to suit your changing daily needs. Not only that, to help there is an app which is designed alongside this magical lunchbox.

The Prepd Pack Lunchbox Meal Prep

Using this innovative app, you can browse tasty meal plans and get inspired to try new healthy, easy-to-make recipes. Simply select which meal you would like using the app, and the list will show you exactly what ingredients you need to make a delicious, healthy meal. It takes out the time-consuming task of researching and building a list of ingredients for these recipes. All you need to do is take your list with you to the supermarket and find the ingredients! You’ll still have to cook the meal though obviously.

The Prepd Pack Lunchbox Main Shot

All the meals are designed to fit within the Prepd Pack perfectly too, so there’s no awkward tupperware taking up space in your bag. There’s multiple containers, which allow you to prepare all your meals for the week, just in case you want to get super-organised, and save a heck of a lot of time during the week.

One of the main things we tend to do when hungry is eat foods that may not be the healthiest for us, and doesn’t really fit our healthy goals. The Prepd Pack gives you more incentive to have a healthy meal prepared, just in case the cravings kick in for fast food.

The current storage options, such as the tupperware mentioned earlier tend to be really low quality, and may leak or get damaged easily. These Prepd Pack containers are a premium upgrade to the horrible hand-me-downs or old takeaway containers we rely on to place our food in on a daily basis.

The Prepd Pack Lunchbox

With their excellent premium material comes with the ability to freeze, microwave and allows you to stick them in the dishwasher. Each container is completely leak proof, so you can take these bad boys wherever you want, in any bag without the risk of getting food juice anywhere. They’re crisply designed for immaculate storage too, so fitting them in your overly packed fridge or cupboards is a breeze.

The Prepd team have done all the hard work by teaming up with chefs, nutritionists and foodies to design a huge range of meal plans and exciting recipes. The app allows you to search by diet type, health goal, or key ingredient so you can get the best meal for you.

The beauty is that the app measures what you’re eating too. So all your protein, fats, calories and more are placed into the app automatically, so you don’t have to spend time using Myfitnesspal scanning in hundreds of barcodes just to count your calories effectively. The app is available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets and also syncs up to HealthKit on iOS.

The Prepd Pack Lunchbox Phone App

If you travel to work, you’ll save money, as people who travel to work apparently spend as as much as £2,500 a year on items such as lunch and hot drinks. That’s around £10.59 a day on average! Just think how much shopping at Aldi you can get for over £70 per week? You’ll be healthier, happier and have a bigger bank account to match.

If that’s not enough for your concern, then how about the amount of rubbish we get through on a daily basis, and more scarily, the 50% of food thrown away in the UK comes from our homes.

We can change, we just need to be a little more careful and prepare our food so that we don’t have to throw away so much. Think how much time we spend sat in front of the television watching TV shows that really aren’t that relevant or educational – why not prepare a healthy meal whilst watching to save time, money and the environment?

The Prepd Pack Lunchbox Layout

You’ll enjoy an unrivalled eating experience that’s totally new, and makes lunches much more enjoyable than ever before. There’s a cozy eating mat, and magnetic cutlery to give you all the tools you need to eat and enjoy your lunchtime. And if you really must, it looks great taking food pictures for Instagram.

Prep Pack Features Summary

The Prepd Pack will be shipping in June 2016 after it slammed a $25,000 funding goal, by raising $1million in just 34 days. For further info, you can go to their website here.

What do you think to the Prepd Pack, would you invest in a premium lunchbox to take to work?

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