Editorial: Become The Ultimate Villian This Christmas

The year is coming to a close, and what better time than to take over the world. 2012 will be yours forever; cue the white cat, cue the underground layer and get practicing that evil laugh as your wishes will come true with the Villian Chair from Firebox.com.

The Villian Chair is brought to you by Suck UK. The chair is handmade using steel, chrome and 20 padded leather facets on formed aluminium – which is more than enough backbone to get you comfy before plotting your world domination. Now, all that is missing is Mini-Me, shame you can’t buy one.

Suck UK’s Villian Chair is available from FireBox.com at the price of: £4,500 – now that’s pretty cheap to say that after buying this you will actually take over the world, no joke.


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Jack Stovin

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