Debuts rarely come as playful & exciting as they do with 17 year old Erin Bloomer’s, who wows on carefree song “Lately” which promotes fun > seriousness

On the track Bloomer had to say “I wrote Lately for one of my best friends. It’s about being with someone but they are being way too full on and into it when you just want to be able to relax and have fun!”

“It’s about just wanting to not take everything too seriously and just enjoy yourself. I wrote it because I wanted to help my friend realise that it’s okay to not want to dive into something serious so quickly, you are allowed to take things at your own pace and in your own time.”

The artwork is a collaboration with feminist illustrator Sophie Brampton.

‘Lately’ is 17-year-old Erin Bloomer’s first single, with more to come very soon. She’s spent time juggling school with developing as an artist alongside collaborators including Future Cut (Lily Allen) and Chelcee Grimes (Dua Lipa). Erin references Madison Beer, Russ, and Mura Masa as influences for ‘Lately.’

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