In a world where time is money, the last thing us busy beavers want is to spend an hour lifting chunks of metal up and down.

We spend a fortune each month on gym memberships and feel ridiculously guilty if we don’t take full advantage of the beautiful facilities.

The one excuse we have is that we just don’t have enough time. And it just so happens to be the number one excuse for us all not going – so what the hell can we do about it?

The answer is simple and it stares you right in the face everyday… bring the gym to your house.

By bringing the gym to your house, you’ll save an immense amount of time, and a hell of a lot of money in the long run. Depending on your main goal for overall fitness, you’ll find that an expensive gym membership will just be overkill, and the sheer amount of equipment in these places is far too much for the majority of us 3-5 workout week-dayers.

So here is the essential guide to the basic exercises you’ll be doing at home to stay in shape, save money, and precious time.

The first exercise is the old prison favourite: The Pull-Up.

Get pulling and straighten out that back

We tend to ignore the bigger picture when working out. We train ‘mirror’ muscles and tend to ignore the most important parts of the body. One of which is the back.

You’ll find that the back is the fundamental tool for upper body strength, and helps level out the unwanted curvature of the shoulders. This usually occurs when you have overworked your chest. No one wants to suffer from back pain or become one of the many gym goers that suffer from a silver-back stance.

By using your bodyweight, you essentially give yourself a strength threshold to work up to. Fundamentally, if you can’t do one pull up, there is no point in spending £30, £40… however much your gym membership. This is a staple exercise and should be taken seriously, it creates a larger anabolic response than isolation exercises, leading to greater gains in size and strength.

The whole of your upper body is strengthened when performing this exercise, and even your stabilizing muscles (abdominals et al). If that’s not motivation enough for you, know this: The trick to properly filling out a shirt is having a back to make everyone jealous.

How many should I be doing?

As previously mentioned, the number of people that can actually perform a full, correctly formed pull up is a tiny amount, so don’t feel inadequate if you can’t even lift your feet off the ground.

You want to stick to your guns (literally) and constantly train your muscles up to be able to perform 15 in a row. Now this will take time, but the benefits of investing that time into your upper body strength is paramount to overall health, and an outstanding physique.

How to progress

Performing pull-ups is an art form, and takes a while to learn the correct form. So the safest, and the most effective way to build up the strength is to do Negative chin-ups.

The idea is to solely perfect lowering phase of the movement, so the eccentric movement. This will improve your ability to lift yourself up without assistance, and give you the muscle strength to do more consecutive pull-ups.

Easy tiger, slow down

This exercise takes a lot out of you and works a hell of a lot of muscles, so keep that in mind if you’re just starting out. Allow a day or two in between working out when you first start and slowly build up to doing these 5 days a week. Rest is super important and never forget that.

So get ready to build the physique you have always wanted with this powerful exercise.

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