Fear of Theydon Announces Free Besti Mix + Sunday Best Remix Album Stream

There is no doubt that Julian Peck AKA Fear of Theydon is on the verge of becoming the go-to-man for adding the extra spark to any release. As Sunday Best’s in-house remixer he has ‘always sought to make overtly melodic music… for the disco inside your mind’. Never one to follow the pack, this compilation is an exciting showcase of Julian’s musical growth as a producer demonstrating his versatility and creativity as an artist.
As a former Sunday Best employee, Julian has remixed most of the Sunday Best singles since 2008. Tracing from his Aeroplane-inspired Cosmic Dub of dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip’s ‘Thou Shalt Always Kill’ to his very heady, futuristic Slow Motion Dubof Beardyman’s ‘Where Does Your Mind Go?’ released earlier this year. And then topped and tailed off with a hot of the press exclusive remix of the Grand National classic ‘Drink To Moving On’.

The release is not only a celebration of his much lauded work but also a reminder of Sunday Best’s unique and accomplished catalogue of releases.

Julian has now (very sadly) left Sunday Best to pursue his music with full devotion. But with the likes of Mylo, Touche, Seelenluft, Quiet Village, Mark Vidler and Mark Moore already giving him their tick of approval, it’s only a matter of time before everyone will want to get their hands on one of the most promising young talents to emerge from the UK in recent times.

In his own eloquent words, Julian gives us a track-by-track walkthrough of The Sunday Best Remix by Fear of Theydon:

1. Lucky Elephant – Neptune [Sunday Best Dub]
Previously Unreleased Exclusive
To kick things off we’ve got an expansive, heady groover – a remix of the nicest men in Rock ‘n’ Roll, Lucky Elephant. For this exclusive new re-working of the original 2009 Sunday Best remix, the vocals have been peeled back, with just smatterings left to spill over the track, plus a tingly new breakdown added to incite the ultimate of spangle-factors. Is this track going to be played to weeping crowds at the end of a big night out? Is it going to be the theme tune for the next series of ‘River Cottage’? Who cares, if the drop sends ecstatic shivers down your spine, our work here is down.

2. Bastila – Ghosts [Sunday Best Skipping Dub]
With their superlative single ‘Ghosts’, the Isle of Wighters, Bastila, have left an indelible [and very baggy] mark on the map of British music after what was an unfortunately short career as a band. The Sunday Best Skipping Dub earnestly respects the laid back, introspective atmosphere of the original, but ups the pace. That said, if you CAN successfully dance to this track without closing your eyes and slowing down to a virtual standstill, we applaud you.

3. David Lynch – Good Day Today [Sunday Best Slow Motion Waltz Mix]
David Lynch’s firstt single for Sunday Best massively raised the game for the label – not just because it was his first foray into Electronic music, but because it had an uber high brow list of remixers – inc. Sasha, Underworld, Boys Noize, Skream [the list goes on]. The choice then to contribute a half-speed 3/4 Waltz for the Sunday Best mix was a slightly cynical way for Fear of Theydon to stand out against the crowd – but it seems to have worked. David thought the mix was pretty cool. Aaaand relax.

4. Beardyman – Where Does Your Mind Go? [Sunday Best Slow Motion Dub]
Right, now slip off your Waltz shoes, sit down and relax for track four. What Beardyman doesn’t know about sound and music production probably isn’t worth knowing, so when we presented him with this trippy Dubstep number then promptly received word from him saying ‘it’s f***ing sick!’, we were delighted [and seriously relieved]. Get your most expensive headphones on and immerse yourself in this wiggy journey.

5. David E. Sugar – Fleamarket [Sunday Best Ambient Mix]
Next, the lovely David E. Sugar and his second single for Sunday Best, ‘Fleamarket’, a great little ditty harking back to some of The Cure’s more ebullient moments. With the Sunday Best remix, the pensive tones of David’s music are instead brought out and the track takes on a wistful feel, exploring distant memories of past relationships with all their ups and downs. Tearjerker anyone? Go one then…

6. Robortom feat. Au Revoir Simone – Paganini Rocks [Sunday Best Remix]
Previously Unreleased Exclusive
Here we have an exclusive, previously unheard/unreleased remix of the track just for this comp! Think of it as the lovechild of Rob da Bank and Tom Middleton [who both form Robortom], Fear of Theydon and Art of Love’s ‘Moments in Love’;it’s a track truly crafted for the Ibizan sunset.

7. Lemonade – Bliss Out [Sunday Best Dub]
Next up are New York dwellers Callan, Ben and Alex of Lemonade and their second single for the label, ‘Bliss Out’. The original track uses an unbeatably euphoric and unmistakeable chime sound, a sound which also underpins the Sunday Best Dub but this time with a Housier flavour added to the mix… then it all gets a bit Freddie Kruger meets Sesame St… an unlikely marriage, but it seems to work.

8. Trenchman – Hacienda [Sunday Best Remix]
This is a brooding House re-rub of the atmospheric banger ‘Hacienda’, written by the very mysterious Trenchman [one half of a well known Drum 'n Bass duo whose identity cannot be revealed for contractual reasons.] Trenchman’s big room sound is carried across into the Sunday Best Remix here, but introducing an epic breakdown for peak time spine-tinglings. Hold on to your pants!

9. dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip [Sunday Best Cosmic Dub]
The massive track ‘Thou Shalt Always Kill’ launched dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip’s career back in 2006 on Lex Records. When Rob da Bank later re-released the single on Sunday Best, it was an exciting time in Dance music; acts like Aeroplane were re-popularising Disco and Edbanger Records were punting out a thrilling new breed of Electro… The Sunday Best Cosmic Dub combines some of these elements of the time, with Arpeggios agogo and some wiggy delay pedal work. It was also the first Sunday Best remix Fear of Theydon made for Sunday Best. Hurrah!

10. Dub Pistol feat. Lindy Layton & Rodney P ‘I’m in Love [Sunday Best Cosmic Dub]’
The 2009 Dub Pistols LP ‘Rum & Coke’ is full of summer classics, with perhaps its most glorious moment coming in the form of a guest vocal from Beats International’s Lindy Layton on ‘I’m in Love’, the Dub Pistols rework of a classic old Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King track. The Sunday Best remix offers a beefed up Disco rework for the dance floor with horn stabs coming to the fore and a blissed out take on Lindy’s vocal.

11. Sound of Rum ‘Slow Slow [Sunday Best Disco Dub]’
Sticking with the Disco theme, but this time it’s Hip Hop beatniks Sound of Rum getting the re-rub treatment. ‘Slow Slow’, the band’s first single for the label, is a classic tune with good vibes a plenty flowing out from Archie’s quirky guitar loops and a Kate’s beaming vocals. The Sunday Best Disco Dub strips back the lyrics, leaving a steady instrumental groover designed to get the mind moving, without having to leave your chair,

12. Grand National ‘Drink to Moving On [Sunday Best Sunset Edit]’
Previously Unreleased Exclusive
The twelfth and final track for the compilation is an exclusive new track, never before heard and hot off the press! Grand National is the band that got me into Sunday Best, back in 2005, and I’ve enjoyed remixing a number of their tracks over the years, but ‘Drink To Moving On’ is hallowed territory, never before remixed by human hands. It seemed fitting that for the final track of the compilation we dug a classic out of the archive and gave it the FoT treatment, so voila. Here it is. It’s cocktails around the pool, it’s chinos, it’s espadrilles… it’s steel drums. It’s here to brighten up your summer. Enjoy.

Check www.fearoftheydon.com for Fear of Theydon’s other remixes and original material.