It’s pretty hard to get away from Fenech Soler’s synth stabs and catchy beats. You can’t help but soak it all up into a vacuum of dance floor flashings. These guys are catchier than Chlamydia and damn it spreads quickly. Fenech Soler are a mixture of Friendly Fires and Calvin Harris, if they both took a space pill.

Expect big things once ‘Stop And Stare’ is released, it’s a club killer and joy provider. Friendly Fires came up with this mamba indie context within their music and Fenech Soler seem to have copied it. Take the vocals and gated synth jabs as a pure example of the niche that Friendly Fires provide in their tunes. Listen carefully to ‘Stop And Stare’ and its pretty darn obvious what they are trying to achieve; the same platform but with a bigger edge.

Luckily my heart shaped musical box is full of Friendly Fires love, so Fenech Soler grab me by the kidneys and really fill a gap. It’s been awhile since a release has popped out at me with a big space sound and feel good vibes. Having collaborated with Groove Armada and remixing the Marina & The Diamand’s single, it’s an accomplishment that sets in stone their future within the industry.

Also being a sucker for anything vocally cut up, glitched, plopped, pooped – you name it, and it pleases me. The ‘Jaymo & Andy George Remix’ guts out the vocal gems and snatches them together. It sounds very similar to a Frank Musik remix with more dub lashings. Tony Senghore creates an annoying outlook on ‘Stop And Stare’ which are easily forgettable, wait, what were we talking about?

The ‘Mighty Mouse Remix’ creates a disco fuck out of ‘Stop And Stare’ to a pleasing remedy, mixed well, arranged well and built for a DJ. It’s gonna be a big slam dunk into the next level of fantasy pop.

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