Films at the Box Office are Big Business [Infograph]

It should come as no surprise that films are big business, seriously big.

However, did you really know the how much money is involved?

From record-breaking blockbusters, to the world’s richest actors and actresses, the film industry is worth billions and it’s growing every year.

Look at movies like Titanic and Avatar from director James Cameron. These blockbusters broke all kinds of box office records, and continue to hold the records to this day.

Harrison Ford, Samuel L Jackson, Scarlet Johansson and Cameron Diaz top the A lister Rich list, while franchises such as Marvel and Star Wars continue to bring in the big bucks every year.

Take a look at our billion dollar infographic from Money Shop, as we take you through the history of the multi-billion dollar industry.

There may be a few that surprise you and be sure to let us know what you think too…

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