Significant advancements in technology have revolutionised the way in which the everyday person is able to function on a daily basis, with mobile and tablet handsets becoming the most sought-after gadgets on the market. Their ability to provide a multitude of functions continues to push boundaries to new realms, with leading electronic manufacturers looking for new ways in which to not only improve their models, but also provide users with greater means to enhance their quality of life.

Faster processing speeds and upgraded screen resolutions are just some of the ways that the latest smartphones provide quantity and quality for the worldwide consumer, but the availability of an estimated 1.6 million downloadable apps is where the ability to personalise a device to suit the user’s specific needs and preference comes into effect. Apps are designed to provide a vast number of functions through a single source, but more importantly create the opportunity for users to actively hold a device that caters for their day-to-day schedule. From document writing software and planners, to restaurant reviews and games, mobile phones and tablets practically transform into miniaturised computers that can be utilised anywhere and at any time necessary. The download market, which covers a plethora of genres, is accompanied by the ability to access internet whilst on the go in WiFi connection areas; this only adds to the overwhelming number of capabilities that mobile and tablet users have at their disposal. Accessing Coral’s live casino site and shopping online are to name just two things that are now possible through technology that incorporates all the necessary details, such as graphics and banking options, into a downloadable app or compatible website that works across a number of devices to transform many aspects of how we live our lives.

The sizeable level of technological advancements continue to make the impossible possible, with the ability to control home-installed boilers and lighting systems at the touch of a button through an app controlled by WiFi signals whilst out of the house the latest innovative function available on the market. Modern day technology has the power to transform how people are able to enjoy recreational, personal and occupational activities, with finding similar people in the hope of forming a relationship something that has been made easier thanks to apps. The traditional forms of meeting people, such as in a nightclub or at the workplace, still apply today, but dating apps make it easy to search for compatible men or women at the touch of a screen; Tinder and are prime examples of apps that allow users to look through hundreds of single people without having to meet them in person first with the hope of finding a soul mate. Face-to-face interaction remains a great way for people to develop a connection, but dating apps are perfect for those who have limited social time or may feel uncomfortable to meet people at first, with profiles providing sufficient detail to gain an insight into each member’s personality to discover if there is a mutual match.

Technology has the power to transform an entire industry, with gambling now more accessible than ever before. This is illustrated through the ‘poker boom’ between 2003 and 2006 in which poker became a global phenomenon thanks to its transition from the casino floor to the internet. Its leap onto mobile and tablet handsets through apps became inevitable as the industry continued to grow, with casino games now available through interactive apps that recreate the feeling of playing in Monaco or Las Vegas. Cutting out the effort of travelling to a land-based casino is just one of the many perks that Coral and many other companies provide with their app, with the ability to sit down and enjoy a few hands of cards or roulette spins during long commutes, breaks at work or whilst having spare time at home allowing those who enjoy gaming to do so at their own leisurely convenience.

Many apps are created to provide entertainment and fun for people to enjoy during their own private time, but there are others that are based upon the premise of providing advice and guiding people who download them. Staying fit and enjoying a healthy diet has become all the rage in recent years, with concerns over rising obesity levels and health threats creating a social wave of those willing to help people who want to make changes in their life. Exercise is part and parcel of any healthy lifestyle, but although gyms and sports centres provide the facilities for people to enjoy a cardiovascular workout and lift weights, there are people who prefer to do so outdoors or in their own home. Strava is a prime example of an app that tracks progress via GPS signals during every walk, jog or cycle ride, with the distance and total of calorie burned calculated accurately to allow people to not only see the benefit of their routine, but also track the progress they make towards their own personal goals. There are also other apps such as Fitocracy which essentially acts as a personal trainer, with hundreds of suggested workout regimes which demonstrate how to carry out each exercise and the benefits that come with it being of great help to those who may need motivation or an element of guidance. Having these apps provides people with all the information they need at the touch of a screen and helps people to enhance their quality of life by enjoying an easy-to-access service that would otherwise require a person to walk into the gym and sign up for an induction or workout plan with a qualified trainer.

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