Having soaked up a little too much Sacramento sun and probably taken one too many happy pills, the gangly Ganglians flush some sort of special needs Kitten down a dunnie.

‘Candy Girl’ is a world of emotional wailing, swinging on the beach, in a hammock. It kind of sounds like the opening credits to one of those oh so drooling Adam Sandler films. You can picture Sandler wearing some sort of boys outfit and acting like a complete dumbass, along a sandy beach or something.

Hoping to send you off to an island of similar stature to their own, ‘Candy Girl’ is a mixture of melodies and bumble drums. It just plods along with a children s toy clanging in the background; I think someone has been smoking a little too much of the laid back fumes.

It does have that “sound” reminiscent of the Black Lips being pushed along in a wheelbarrow by a shitzu. Inevitably this sound is selling at the moment, so it’s going to do well regardless. In short, Ganglian’s create “gangly” music.

“This album is pure naive headphone acid pop to drive to, at least that’s what was going through our heads.”

Indeed it is.

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