It’s the 20th Anniversary for Ministry Of Sound and to celebrate they have decided to create a new headphone range to “deliver their signature sound directly to your ears.” You can’t not agree that the company have become pretty much THE biggest dance/electronica company known to man, and have a complete package when it comes to creating the world’s best club sound system.

In this new range of headphones Ministry Of Sound have created a diverse range of designs, including in-ear headphones, ‘on trend’ colours and the classic over-ear headphones.

So, what are these headphones actually like? King Loaf were lucky enough to grab a pair of MOS005’s from their product range to give our ears a big ass thumping.

In The Box

First impressions always count, and with the Ministry Of Sound MOS005 headphones, the product designers have spared no expense making the packaging as sexy as the product itself. The box comes tightly intertwined with a mixture of cardboard and plastic, with the headphones snuggled up tightly inside. The rubberise anti-tangle cable is neatly placed along the bottom of the carboard to give you a pleasant and stress free unpackaging session (you all know how frustrating some of these packaging boxes can be, it’s like making Origami Ninjas).

Out Of The Box

Pulling the Ministry Of Sound MOS005 Headphones from the packaging reveals the slighlty un-nerving side towards the design. It’s hard to divorce yourself with images of the old-school aeroplane in-flight headphones you used to receive (until they started charging you for pretty much everything, maybe they will charge you to take a piss soon – Ryan Air will most likely be the first) with the flimsy, bendy metal across the top. Having said that, you can kind of forgive the designers as the two wonderful speaker muffins look so darn sexy with the silver and Black Ministry Of Sound logo we all know and love.

Storage for the headphones is so easy with both the fold-away design and the rubberished anti-tangle pigs tail cable, making these a brilliant out of house accessory. That’s if you can get past the fear of snapping them in half in your bag.

On Your Head

The adjustment on the cans are a little restrictive – if you have a big noggin, then this is definitely not the product for you. The cans sit snug on your ears and place mild discomfort after a lengthy period of use. This tight fit is all down to the metal headband that just feels a little too regimented. Again this causes a problem when resting the headphones around your neck.

Sadly, the sound doesn’t hang its head up high against the comfort. This too, is very restrictive. Bass kicks sound like your Grandad farting around the dinner table at Christmas and the high end frequencies are a little too tinny. Yet, if you’re looking for a standard set of headphones that have a higher impedance (i.e by this I mean actually being able to hear music) than those shitty white iPod in-ear headphones, then the Ministry Of Sound MOS005 Headphones does deliver.

Geek Stuff

  • Aluminium housing
  • Lightweight adjustable headband
  • 50mm driver diameter for complete audio quality
  • Fold-away design for easy storage
  • Rubberised anti-tangle cable
  • 3.5mm aluminium jack
  • Driver diameter: 50mm
  • Frequency response: 20-20,000Hz
  • Impedence: 32 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 103 dB
  • Max input power: 100 mW
  • Cable length: 1.5m

The Lowdown

Ministry Of Sound have delivered a great new range of headphones for their mass market that will be sure to be flying off the shelves this Christmas. These products do their job, and in the case of the MOS005’s – they definitely work well. For a very reasonable price of £29.99 you can’t really go wrong when picking up a pair of these from your local HMV store for general musical usage.


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