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The festival season is getting close. You need to start preparing your look for the summer’s events. So what do you have planned? Are you going to go in fancy dress for a laugh? Or is it a case of raiding the cupboards for last years shit rags? Here at Digital Warble and our friends over at Kangol and Soviet love telling you what to wear, so read on as we all know that we are right.

We’ll start from the top. After the first day of fun, frolics, beer and sweat, your hair is going look offensive. The easiest, and most effective way to look slicker than your average is to bang a hat on. This Basketweave Player hat by Kangol allows your head to breathe (and let the stink out) as well as keeping your beer-drenched hair covered. Keep this one close to you though as you don’t want to lose it if the weather turns sour, or the decision to crowd surf becomes more than a fantasy. Always try to match your hat colour with the same tones in either your belt, shoes, watch, and any accessory really. This is a sure way to keep everything from top to bottom flowing. You’ll be cooler than Mr Freeze after you read this guide, trust me, the heating is off.

What looks cooler than a pair of shades? Nothing, a pair of shades looks cooler than shades, so remember to shade it up. Did I mention shades? The oversized aviators are back in business this summer. Keeping it simple with the colours here is a sure way to look fresh, even when you’re probably at the least fresh you have ever been in the whole point of your life – festivals can drain you like that. Again with these sunglasses you have the multi-purpose usage. You have the look, and feel of Rock Star as well as the protection from those naughty UV raygams. It may be worth buying a couple of pairs of these just incase you lose them.

Moving further down the body here and onto the torso. You’re going to need a T-shirt, anyone will do, but why not go for a smooth bold printed T with some ladies in their undies on it. And you need to ask why? The Fun & Games Tee will do exactly what it says on the tin. The bold design provides enough manliness to be sturdy with the ladies and cute enough not to scare them away. Most women look at other women, so, if you have a whole bunch of women on your torso, who is going to be wearing a huge grin on their face after the eyes of those wonderful beauties stare into the Tee.

Crank the volume up a little with the Rudolph Denim Shirt if it starts to get a little nippy, and you need something to carry on the look. The pale denim draws you into a false sense of security and gives you a friendly, honest look. Choose wisely when deciding whether to tuck into the trousers, how far to button up and if sleeve rolling is still cool. We advise buttons up until the third from the top as this allows you to just see the workings of the Fun & Games Tee. Roll the sleeves up to your forearms and leave that bad boy un-tucked. If it gets a little hotter, but you still need the arm warm, you’re more than good to unbutton so you’re a free flowing shirt monkey.

The jumper is always a feel-good hangover cure. There is nothing more cozy than slowly placing a nice clean jumper over your head when you feel like the world is ending and alcohol has destroyed each memory of the previous evening’s events. It’s the double cc (cozy & cool) for this Rock Girl Sweater. The Rock chick print turns what could be a boring simple jumper, into a T4 host’s wet blanket. One thing to note is placing this jumper over the top of the denim shirt may cause slight discomfort and malfunction in the arm department. So you may wish to remove that item before placing the sweater on. This is best served up with the Tee underneath.

To finish the whole outfit off, you’ve got to remember your pants. Chino’s are still rocking the show and at £30 for a pair of Will Chinos it’s a wonder why everyone isn’t wearing them. The tanned flavour brings the whole outfit to a close, linking in the same colour as the Kangol Basketweave Player hat and Kangol KS6012C2 sunglasses. Also, Chinos + Denim = Match made in Fashionita heaven. Don’t worry about getting these muddy as Chinos don’t need to be immaculate to look super fresh.

But hold on, you’re wondering what to wear on your feet? Well, if you’re heading to a festival in the UK there is only one thing you can take, and SHOULD take with you…WELLIES. However, please do avoid the bright yellow ones as nobody wants to see that.

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