Google’s Next Step in the Digital World: Music

Google expansion! First came the social network Google+, now it is introducing its music feature called Google Music.

What is Google Music?

The service, much like iTunes, will allow customers to buy tracks or full albums. The customers will be able to save these songs on servers, or what they are calling “cloud accounts”. Google said, for now, they will have 13 million songs for sale.

What is Unique About Google Music?

The company is going to integrate both Google Music and Google+. Customers will be able to offer their friends one free listen to any purchased track through Google+. The service is also going to sell music through Android. This will allow customers to store songs on servers and listen on any device. The service is an expansion of Music Beta, which was released in May.

Are you a Droid owner? If so, do you plan on taking advantage of Google Music on your phone?

What does this mean for Google?

By adding this service, the company put itself in direct competition with Apple, Amazon and Facebook. Most specifically, by working with the Android Market, it helps Google compete with the iPhone. Also, music companies might see Google as a powerful partner with the addition of a music service.

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