Life shouldn’t be complicated. There’s too much confusion and distractions around in our day-to-day life to really keeps things simple. Somehow, Finnish company Koskenkorva have found a way.

They use nature’s best ingredients consisting of good barley, pure water and dedicated local farmers to create a smooth, honest vodka.

The irony of this promotion is that the Finnish laws prohibit the advertising of vodka, which means Finnish people aren’t even allowed to visit their website.

This makes Koskenkorva village – the home of this product and a inhibiting over 2,000 people – a ‘village that can’t be named’, and adds an extra charm to it’s branding.

There’s been some bizarre situations where people from the village who share the same last name have been forbidden from opening any business.

In some cases people from the village who share the same last name have been banned from opening any business, and changes the way they talk about their own homes.

Not only has the village been essentially ‘forgotten’, in reality it has also almost become ‘persona non grata’ in Finland – a village that is invited to a party but told to wait permanently outside, even though its product is both famous and loved by the people of Finland.

But now it is the time for all that to change and for the barley farmers of Koskenkorva to finally get the recognition they deserve.

With a new “brand” film, and a mobile app called Vodka Farmer, where players get a virtual plot of Koskenkorva farmland to grow virtual barley, the real farmers of Koskenkorva are looking to make their invisible profiles visible and to break free from their shackled silence.

To do so, they are building a wall, The Great wall of Koskenkorva, where all the names of people who have downloaded the Vodka Farmer app will be immortalised.

Around 7,000 names will fit on the first section of the wall and when that part is full, the wall will be extended northwards.

But they will not run out of space anytime soon – the barley fields in Koskenkorva village stretch to the horizon and far beyond.

You can watch the wall being built in the player below:

This post is sponsored by Koskenkorva, however the opinions are of the author.

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