There are so many ways to look after yourself each day. It can get really complicated and you don’t want to end up messing with your overall look.

To see if you’re on the right path to the best grooming routine, below are the common mistakes men make, and how to stop doing them. These could be causing more harm than good…

Not going for a trim

Many guys just leave it way too long before going for a haircut, or at the very least a tidy trim. Depending on if you’re growing your hair or not, it’s a good idea to get cleaned up every 4-5 weeks at least.

Medium to short hairstyles that exposes your hairline, especially at the back, need to be looked after regularly. A clean cut can very quickly start to look really untidy and make you look quite scruffy.

Out of control body hair

Keep on top of this one as it gets really messy quickly. Body hair is as important as facial hair, enough though you’re not seeing it as much.

Most men don’t pay attention to it or even look after it. Yes, it sounds like more maintenance but looking after every part of your body makes you feel great about yourself.

Unwanted hair crawling out of the top of your t-shirt, or armpit hairs climbing out underneath your t-shirt is not attractive at all. As mentioned it takes a little time, but it’s really easy to do.

Stick some music on, an audiobook or a podcast and use a good trimmer to clean everything up.

Not using enough shaving cream

When it comes to shaving, you need to be extra careful. The skin on your face is really sensitive so it’s essential to your shave routine that you constantly apply shave foam.

Once you run the sharp blade over an area with cream on, that stroke removes the cream. Then we tend to shave over that part again, but the second time it has no protection which is terrible for your skin.

No wonder your skin feels irritated after shaving sometimes. The best thing to do is make sure you have a super sharp blade and reapply in areas you need to go over. Blunt blades not only miss parts and result in going over an area again, but cause more unwanted irritation and cuts.

Get a quality razor, and keep it sharp. You’ll get the closest possible shave and keep your skin feeling and looking great.

Too much product

You may be using way too much styling products on your hair. Add the sprays for texture, cream for moisture, oil to keep your hair slick, wax to give the hold then top it all off with hairspray. This is just far too much. And you’re probably causing more harm than good.

Your hair can experience chemical damage, especially if you’re applying this amount of product per day. Split ends and overall dry hair can kill your hair. Find the right balance but less is always more.

Use a little less next time to give your hair a natural silky flow which is way better for your health and look. As an added bonus, you won’t be spending anywhere near as much on products.

Washing hair too much

This is a tough one as everyone has different hair, different styles, diets and water in your area. All the variables add up to the effect on your hair health.

One thing you need to find the right balance for is how often you wash your hair. In most cases, if you wash every day, the essential oils and nutrients your body creates naturally get washed out.

Stripping away these oils leaves hair flat and dull, and sometimes really dry. Try to leave it every other day, or three days if you can handle it. On the days that you don’t wash your hair, don’t use a shampoo. Just rinse out your hair with water. That way it’ll remove any sweat, any dirt and any product without actually stripping it from its nutrients.

Masking your smell

Never use sprays and aftershaves to try and cover up your man-musk. Drowning yourself in endless sprays is no good for you, your health or the environment. The bad smell only gets enhanced by the coverup spray.

Most body odors are caused by bacteria. With bacteria building up because of moisture. Take for example a t-shirt. Under the arms can get really moist when you sweat. This left and not washed properly causes the bacteria to build, and eventually smell bad.

Depending on the clothing, you want to either get smelly garment in the dry cleaners or crank up your wash to a higher heat. Most t-shirts can be washed on a higher heat every now and again. The higher the heat, the more chance of removing the bacteria.

Try cranking your wash temperature up a little higher next time and see the positive effects. Or, throw that stinky clothing away.

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