It’s an exciting time of year for us all as summer is rearing its head. Every year we wait for this time to come around and we absolutely love it when it does. The ice cream vans come out to play, the dusty shorts that seem to get lost in the bottom of our drawers finally come out and the sports events really start to kick off.

This year we have some amazing summer sporting events which are as exciting as the prospect of the sun potentially coming to us! There are some major championships in the football world including the Champions League, some huge Cricket games in the Ashes lined up as well as the fantastic Tour de France. And that’s only a few events worthy of a full mention.

One of the major events we have to look forward to is the annual F1 Monaco Grand Prix, which kicks off 21st May, until the 24th of May. This is an amazing event, that has been going since 1929, but how did people that couldn’t make it over to Monaco to watch this event before? They certainly didn’t have a television that’s for sure!

The beauty of our current digital age is that we can experience events like this, right from the comfort of our own homes. Not only can we experience it, but we can watch, and listen in such high definition that it feels as if we are right there on the track. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but it’s essential viewing!

So what do you need to kick-off your summer of sport to fully enjoy and appreciate every moment?

A massive television doesn’t just look great in your living room, it makes you appreciate everything that appears on it even more. Especially when it’s in super-high definition, and maybe even 4K. The extra money spent on a 4K television really is worth it, as you won’t need to upgrade for a long time, as the technology is so new.

Standard HD is fine, but if you really want to make it into the history books with your mates, it’s definitely something to consider.

Alongside the visual aspect of your home technology for the summer of sport, you’ll need a sound system to compliment what your eyes are experiencing – after all, you don’t want them to be left out right? Immerse yourself in the crowd at the cup final, or listen to that crisp cracking of the bat when watching the ashes.

So what do you need? Well if you’re thinking surround sound… then don’t. As over the last few years, soundbar technology has gained such popularity – and there’s a reason behind that. These sound bars take away the unwanted cables and nasty set-up process. It’s simply plug-and-play. Make sure to get one with Bluetooth compatibility, and it’ll provide the house with a full audio setup for all of your gadgets such as smartphones and tablets.

Enjoy this amazing summer of sport ahead, and experience the whole new world of technology available at your fingertips.

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