Bad habits can determine your life. They can get in the way of your goals and have a huge impact on the way you conduct yourself. They are a waste of time and are bad for your health.

So we know this. We’ve been told the same thing time and time again. However, we’re usually told to stop the bad habit, rather than replace it.

The best way to develop yourself into a better person is to replace your bad habits with something healthier, and that’s actually good for you.

Smoking cigarettes

Pretty obvious by now but for some reason people still do this one. It’s easy to get into, but probably one of the hardest to break due to how addictive it is.

Finding your trigger is the first step to getting through this one. And you also want to want to stop this one. If you don’t then there’s really no point in trying as it makes it extra hard.

Many times this habit is triggered by stress. To relieve that you go outside for a smoke. So you need to find a replacement that gives you the same feeling.

Meditation, yoga, or any simple breathing exercise puts you in a positive frame of mind. More positivity means less stress. Less stress means you won’t need to smoke. And you really don’t need to smoke for any reason at all.

Eating junk food

Many people eat junk food for pleasure or resort to those salty sugary foods out of boredom. As you all know, this contributes to serious health issues in the long run.

An easy replacement is filling up with more food. But more foods such as salads and vegetables, or a packed smoothie that you can sip throughout the day.

Most of the time you crave these foods is when you’re thirsty too. Down a pint of water or drink a flavored tea and see how you feel a few mins later.

Watching porn

Another really hard (sorry) one to stop is watching porn. It’s really addictive, and it may seem like fun, but it has many negative effects.

Working out can replace this habit. It makes you feel physically and mentally good. It’s now a chain of events as once you feel good, it starts taking your mind away from needing a fix.

Regular exercise creates a routine, which gives you more incentive to hit your goals and monitor how well you’re doing. All this adds up and takes your mind away as you’ll now be focusing on your physique and routine to create the best you, you can be.


We are the lucky generation that has more income to spend on more things. We have more choice, and we throw more things away. This is fine for the most part, but when you’re spending out your budget, it can get a little messy. Debt really sucks.

Learning gratitude is a great way to deal with this one. Admiration is good, but comparing yourself like-for-like is really counterintuitive. Don’t try and compete with others, just compete with yourself.

Most of the time, if you can get over the fact that some people just have more and do better, then you’re well on your way to spending less on things you can’t afford.

Biting your nails

This bad habit destroys your nails and makes you look unattractive. There are many triggers for this one and can come so naturally without us even thinking about it.

At the end of the day, it’s you wanting to fix the need for chewing something. So, chewing gum can fix this. Aim for sugar-free and ideally something with small the least chemicals and additives the better.

It’ll have the added benefit of cleaning your teeth and freshening your breath too. This constant chewing keeps your habit at bay, and eventually, you’ll completely replace it even when you don’t have gum with you.

Checking your phone

We’re in a world that’s constantly connected. And we tend to check out mobile devices thousands of times per day. Which is pretty crazy when you actually think about how many times that is.

The worst part is that most of the time you’re doing literally nothing. You’re swiping away at a screen for absolutely no benefit.

This one is easily replaceable, and it can be replaced with literally anything. If you’re really addicted to your phone, for example, try and set times throughout the day when you check it.

Give yourself 5 or ten mins and set a timer. After the timer has gone off, you’ll realize you’re wasting time, and put your phone away. Your phone should be there for communication, not time-wasting.

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